Top 10 Reasons for Cal Lutheran

  1. Location — perfected

    Students hiking Malibu

    Nestled half way between the dynamic rush of Los Angeles and the laid-back vibe of Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks is the perfect blend of city, beach, mountains and college life. Our campus is 25 minutes from the warm, sandy beaches of Malibu and 90 minutes from the exhilarating peaks of one of California’s best skiing hubs. With 330 days of sunshine and year-round temperatures hovering close to 70 degrees, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors here.

  2. All are welcome

    A woman in traditional apparel of a native Mexican ethnic group

    Our students represent 39 different faith denominations. It’s no coincidence that students from all walks of life feel at home here. This is one of the most deeply held values in Lutheran education. At Cal Lutheran, your personal convictions will be respected and honored. Through open dialogues, your professors and classmates will challenge and strengthen your beliefs, helping you examine your unique path and make authentic decisions about your own faith.

  3. Learning beyond the classroom

    Student researcher at the microscope

    We know you learn best when you can roll up your sleeves and dive in. That’s why we offer research opportunities that give you the freedom to explore your passion through real-world experiments. Acclaimed faculty members serve as research mentors, but they let you carve out a path of inquiry through traditional lab research, creative works, and quantitative or qualitative research projects. At Cal Lutheran, you’ll push the limits of the classroom and experiment with different approaches to learning.

  4. Fit in and stand out

    A diverse group of students on campus

    Cal Lutheran is home to a truly dynamic mix of students and faculty from all over the world. Imagine debating theories with professors and classmates from 39 states and 59 countries. You’ll change their views, and they’ll change yours. Our campus is large enough to bring diverse perspectives to the table, but small enough to let you stand out and carve your own niche. This is not a place for sideline spectators. Students come to Cal Lutheran to engage in the conversation.

  5. Redefining what it means to be a professor

    A Marketing professor engaging with her students

    Our professors are at the top of their fields, but they never lose sight of what really matters – getting to know you as individuals. Don't be surprised when a professor knows your name, gets your passions in life, and understands what drives your determination in the classroom. This is what the professor-student relationship is all about at Cal Lutheran. Professors – not teaching assistants – teach every class here, and they are invested in your personal success.

  6. Active as a way of life

    A Regals water polo player blocking the shot

    Southern California is home to one of the most active cultures on the planet, and Cal Lutheran is no exception. Whether you compete on one of our 22 NCAA Division III teams, play on an intercollegiate club team, or join peers in a friendly intramural match, you’ll find a community of sports enthusiasts here. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center, and push your own limits in our high-energy classes, from yoga and pilates to spinning and boot camp.

  7. Design your academic path

    A graduate at commencementWith 41 undergraduate majors and 43 minors, we’ve created a vast academic curriculum that lets you combine interdisciplinary interests while you prepare for a fulfilling career. And, we make sure you stay on track to graduate on time. Our 4 to Finish program ensures that you’ll fit all of your academic pursuits – and your dreams – into a four-year path toward graduation 


  8. The 85% rule

    A study abroad student riding a bike in Myanmar

    Most of your college years will actually be spent outside the classroom – probably about 85% of your time, in fact. Our students aren't content to sit around thinking about the other 15%. They make every minute count. Whether it's sports, campus clubs, theater, student government, internships, study abroad or simply taking advantage of our SoCal location, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the most of your out-of-classroom experience.

  9. Your foot in the door

    A student talking to employers at the career fair

    Building a lasting career requires preparation, persistence and the occasional foot in the door. As a student and alumnus of Cal Lutheran, you’ll gain inroads to the nation’s top employers through our Career Services programs. Armed with a killer resumé and the right contacts, you’ll compete on a global scale in business, communications, science, the arts and a wide range of industries. We don’t just talk the talk; 98% of our students are working or attending graduate school within six months of graduation.

  10. Financially attainable

    A smiling student in class

    You may be surprised to learn how affordable a Cal Lutheran education can be. We offer merit scholarships, grants, work/study programs and student loans to make a world-class private education attainable for you and your family. In fact, our Public Price Promise allows eligible students to attend Cal Lutheran for around the same cost as in-state tuition at selected public universities in California. Your college degree is a critical foundation for the rest of your life. That’s why we work closely with you to bring a Cal Lutheran education within reach.

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