Public Price Promise

Private Education, Public Price

Public Price PromiseAttend Cal Lutheran for the average cost of UC schools.

The Public Price Promise scholarship awards you the difference in average cost of attendance between Cal Lutheran and University of California schools. This is important because you get the experience of a private school education for the cost of a public school price. 

The scholarship amount for 2024-25 is: $32,500

Am I eligible?

First-Year Students

New first-year students starting in Fall 2024 from a California high school and an Admission GPA* of 3.9 or higher. The scholarship is renewable at the same rate in subsequent years.

* Your Admission GPA is your weighted GPA for grades 9-11.

Transfer Students

New transfer students starting in Fall 2024 from a college or university in California with a college GPA of 3.5 or higher and at least 30 transferable credits. The scholarship is renewable at the same rate in subsequent years.


How to apply

Apply to Cal Lutheran and submit your FAFSA. If you are fully admitted, then you'll be automatically awarded the Public Price Promise if you meet or exceed the criteria.

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Private school advantages

At Cal Lutheran, you'll discover the same academic rigor and broad curriculum to explore your interests that you can find at a big state school.

But you'll also get the benefits of a private school education — a close-knit community, smaller class sizes, personal mentorship, and dedicated staff to support you in becoming career and future-ready.

Why Cal Lutheran

Raquel Zagal

Having an older sister who also attended a private college, it was already difficult for my family. Thanks to the Public Price Promise, I was able to lower my tuition and cover it with my other grants and scholarships. All my parents and I needed to pay for was room and board.

Raquel Zagal '17

Questions? Contact your admission counselor.