Additional Options

If you are unable to pay the remaining amount of your balance, the following are additional options for assistance:

1. Enroll in our Monthly Payment Plan

By enrolling in the Monthly Payment Plan, you divide the balance owed each semester into smaller installments that you pay over time. There is an enrollment fee for the program, but you are not charged interest on your balance. For more information, contact the Student Accounts/Business Office.

2. Search for Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarships are a great resource to help you pay your balance. Check with your high school, congregation, your parent(s)’ employer(s), community organizations, and online for scholarship opportunities. A word of caution, if it costs you money to search or apply, it is probably not a legitimate opportunity. Most scholarships are for one year so students should continue to do this throughout their four years at California Lutheran University (CLU). CLU posts various scholarship opportunities throughout the year.

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3. Increase your Parent PLUS Loan

As long as your Parent is approved for the Parent PLUS Loan, he/she may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance minus all other Financial Aid. If eligible, your Award Letter indicates the minimum amount a parent may qualify for, so parent(s) may increase this loan amount to help pay for the remaining balance and may also borrow extra funds to help with books and/or other educational expenses (if needed) assuming the Parent will qualify for the loan. PLUS loans are credit-based. Since this is loan, we encourage Parents to borrow only what they need.

4. Apply for an Alternative/Private Education Loan

Students may apply for an Alternative/Private Education Loan to assist in paying the balance owed to CLU. This is a credit-based loan and we encourage students to have a co-signer to reduce the variable interest rate. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.