STEM Academy

A free, three-week summer program for STEM students

Welcome to STEM Academy

Paloma Vargas, Ph.D.STEM Academy is a great way to get your foot in the door to the sciences at Cal Lutheran. Participating in the 3-week Academy will allow you to work side-by-side with professors on a STEM project, connect you to peers, live on campus, and introduce you to the people and offices that will make your transition to Cal Lutheran smoother.

This summer you will gain skills that will help you throughout your college career. During the Academy we hope to challenge the way you think about science and help you see the impact of science on your everyday life. We want you to love science when you leave the Academy! ...and we also want you to have a some fun so we have set up some great activities and trips outside of the lab.

At the end of STEM Academy, you will qualify to become a STEM Scholar. As a STEM Scholar, you will be eligible for internships and research opportunities the following summer, where you will gain even more of the hands-on experience that employers and graduate/professional schools love to see.

We are excited to have you on campus and welcome you to the Cal Lutheran family!

See you this summer,


Paloma Vargas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and HSI Coordinator