Become a PAL

The ALLIES in STEM Center provides opportunities for STEM Scholars to hold positions as Peer Academic Leaders (PALs).

Every semester, students may apply for open positions for Student Workers, Peer Tutors, and Supplemental Instruction Leaders. We also hire every spring semester for Peer Mentors and paid internships positions.

Click each icon below to learn more about each of our PAL opportunities! For summer research and internship opportunities, click here!

STEM Academy Tutor Positions

ALLIES is Now Hiring Peer Tutors for the 2018 STEM Academy (Jul 8th-27th): Apply Now

  • Application deadline has been extended to  5/01/18. Applications must be submitted by 5pm to Brook Masters at 3215 Pioneer Ave in the OPAL Office or emailed directly to
  • The STEM Academy will hire 5 Peer Tutors, one for each of the 5 disciplines listed below. The recommended and required coursework is detailed next to each position.
    • Biology Tutor: Required == Bio 123L or 124L.  
    • Math Tutor: Recommended == Math 231 (the stats for the sciences course).
    • Physics Tutor: Recommended == Phys 100 Astronomy  
    • Chemistry Tutor: Required == Gen Chem sequence (151 + 152).  Recommended == Chem 305
    • Exercise Science Tutor: required == Phys 201 or 211. Recommended == Exsc 301

Peer Tutor

Peer Tutor

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor

SI Leader

Supplemental Instruction

Student Worker

Student WOrker