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With the hope of matching strong, qualified candidates with exciting job opportunities in the region’s nonprofit sector, we are delighted to launch the Center for Nonprofit Leadership Job Posting Board. Browse open positions below.

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Executive Director
Namba Performing Arts Space
Ventura, CA Nov. 8, 2019 Nov. 30, 2019
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Namba is a five-year-old nonprofit organization with a mission to serve performing arts to the surround community of Ventura, California. The position available is a senior-level role that oversees every aspect of the organization’s operations. This positions reports to the Board of Directors and becomes available on January 1, 2020. Ideal candidates will posses and demonstrate many of the qualities below:

Financial Management
- QuickBooks proficient, Cash Basis Accounting, sales projections, cash flow analysis

Budget Development
- budget software, cost analysis, sales projections, line item details Sales & Marketing Experience
- ticket or consumer product sales to targeted community segments Entertainment / Performing Arts

- comprehensive knowledge in the business of creative products

Non-Profit Experience
- knowledge of nonprofit organizational structure, budget, legal and fundraising methods

Staff & Vendor Management / Relations
- ability to oversee a production team and vendors, forge new relations

Risk Assessment
- acute awareness to mitigate potential accidents, failures and injuries Strong Written and Spoken

- ability to speak to authority, clearly convey brand message in an engaging manner, address an audience with confidence and comfort

Customer / Client Service
- demonstrate ability to treat all people with respect, kindness, gratitude in a professional and supportive nature

Concurrent Multiple Project Management
- experience in the art of juggling numerous projects continually, fluidly and successfully from start to finish

Cyber and Social Media Skills
- website management, online marketing, social networking

Current Budget is $30k/yr.


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