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The Center for Nonprofit Leadership at California Lutheran University remains a critical philanthropic investment, delivering nonprofit leaders the tools they need to be more effective and achieve greater impact. 

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Through the generosity and leadership of donors like you, the Center is able to serve nonprofit organizations and their leaders – staff, volunteers and board members.

With a gift of $1,000 and above per year, we welcome our donors to the Center’s Empowerment Circle.  Empowerment Circle donors are welcome to attend workshops and events of their choice, at no additional cost.

You may have a larger or smaller gift in mind---but know that whatever you contribute will be greatly appreciated. 


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The Center's Sustaining Donor program is an automatic renewal program.

It's easy, efficient and ensures that more of your contribution can go directly to serving nonprofit organizations and their leaders - staff, volunteers, and board members.

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By making one sponsorship gift, corporation partners, individual philanthropists and local nonprofits advance philanthropy and strengthen our local nonprofit sector! Sponsors enjoy prominent recognition, logo placement and community visibility for their generosity and philanthropic leadership.

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As a fundamentally important cog in our region's economic engine, we believe that investing in the nonprofit sector and its leaders is more important than ever before, and it would be hard to find a more effective investment, with such long lasting returns. 

If you care deeply about the community and the important work of the nonprofit sector serving our region, join us and make this work possible with a financial contribution today!