Grady Hanrahan, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

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Phone: (805) 493-3269


  • Global Environmental Actions: Science, Education and Social Awareness
    Global Environmental Action: Science, Education and Social Awareness presents timely global environmental efforts and how they are positively impacting countries of the world and their inhabitants. Air, land and water systems are key components to the environment and vital links to human health and social stability. By presenting basic scientific principles behind environmental degradation in these systems (e.g. air pollution, drinking water contamination), along with real case studies of efforts to improve them, insight into the complex nature of the global environment (and the impact on social structure) can be gained.

  • Experimental Design and Optimization: A Chemometric Approach
    Chemometric experimental design and optimization methodology are important in modern research and development efforts. This talk will address the use of such techniques in order to help design, organize and optimize the procedures in modern academic, industrial and governmental laboratories.

Grady Hanrahan is a Professor of Chemistry. 

He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Analytical Chemistry from the University of Plymouth, England. With experience in directing undergraduate and graduate research, he has taught Analytical Chemistry at California State University, Los Angeles, and CLU.

His research interests span instrumentation design and development, chemometrics, computational neural networks, environmental analysis, and the use of swarm intelligence metaheuristics to model complex chemical and biological systems.

He has written or co-written numerous peer-reviewed technical papers and is the author or editor of five books detailing the use of chemical separation methods and computational modeling techniques.