Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Circles Institute

A monthly inquiry into making meaning and generating curriculum for teaching and learning for Science in middle schools throughout Ventura County. 30 middle school teachers from Ventura Unified School District and Conejo Valley Unified School District participated in the Circles Institute.

This project was funded by the AMGEN Foundation, led by California Lutheran University, and coordinated by Principal Investigator Dr. Michael McCambridge (Cal Lutheran Graduate School of Education), Darcy Perez Duffy, and Kristi Hronek.

What follows are lesson plans created, developed, or discovered over nine months of monthly trainings and an intense week in June 2016 of collaboration and creation.

Teachers will be implementing these lesson plans and providing feedback updates as they work with their students. This work represents our first curricular response to NGSS.

Please enjoy the opportunity to use these resources as generated by classroom teachers interested in engaging their students in scientific exploration through a NGSS-aligned science curriculum.

Table of Contents

6th Grade Earth Science

7th Grade Life Science

8th Grade Physical Science

6th Grade Integrated Science

7th Grade Integrated Science

8th Grade Integrated Science

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 Photos from Summer 2016 NGSS Circles Institute

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