Subject-Matter Competency

There are two paths to achieving subject-matter competency in the state of California. The first is to pass the appropriate CSET exams. The second is to complete a CCTC-approved subject-matter preparation program.

If you have questions about whether your coursework or examinations fulfill subject-matter competency for your program, please contact the Credential Analyst at

Meeting Subject-Matter Competency via Exam

The California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) are administered by National Evaluation Systems, Inc. Test schedules, sites, registration, and other important information is available online at the CSET website.

Students must pass all subtests for the subject matter area they wish to teach. For more information about which exams you should take, speak with your advisor, the Credential Analyst, or consult the following CCTC leaflets:

Meeting Subject-Matter Competency via Program

The requirements for meeting subject-matter competency via program are complex, so you should consult with the Credential Analyst at your earliest convenience to verify that you have met or will meet the requirements. The following CCTC resource should also be of assistance: