Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship (VAPA)

The Visual and Performing Arts have a prestigious home at Cal Lutheran. Whether staging a play in our Black Box Studio Theatre, touring the world with our CLU Choir, or pushing the boundaries of conventional art, our students pursue artistic expression without limits.

Incoming first-year and transfer applicants with superior talent in the areas of Music, Music Production, Theatre Arts, or Visual Art can apply and audition for a VAPA Scholarship prior to enrolling at Cal Lutheran. Music, Music Production, and Theatre Arts scholarships can be up to full tuition and are renewable for subsequent years.

To apply for the VAPA Scholarship you must complete the application form and audition requirements.

We are no longer accepting Visual and Performing Arts applications for 2024. 


Deadlines for Fall 2024

Date Deadline
Jan. 20, 2024

Deadline to submit VAPA application and submit portfolio items (Visual Art) or Video auditions (Music, Music Production, and Theatre Art & Dance)

Feb. 4, 2024

In-person audition day for Music

Feb. 10, 2024

In-person audition day for Theatre & Dance

Application Requirements

All students must first submit an application for admission to California Lutheran University, prior to submitting an application for VAPA. 


  • Students may audition for scholarships within the Multimedia, Music, Music Production, Theatre Arts, and Visual Art categories; however, if offered multiple VAPA scholarships, the student can only accept a scholarship from one department and must decline all other offers.
  • Students cannot receive an admission scholarship (or Presidential Scholarship), the Public Price Promise Scholarship, and a full-tuition VAPA Scholarship at the same time.
  • If a student is offered an admission scholarship (or Presidential Scholarship), or Public Price Promise Scholarship prior to being determined eligible for a full-tuition VAPA Scholarship, they will be given the option to choose one of the three scholarships they would like to use while attending Cal Lutheran.
  • The student must retain the scholarship they choose at that time (Admission/Presidential/Public Price Promise or full-tuition VAPA Scholarship) and may not change their scholarship decision after they begin attending Cal Lutheran.
  • Students must meet annual eligibility requirements to maintain the VAPA scholarship.


For more information about the VAPA Scholarship, please e-mail: