Cal Lutheran is a Family

During the track and field season in 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare, stage 3 cancer. I was currently the captain of the distance team and loved my life - wonderful friends, great team, and university. Due to the severity of my diagnosis, I had to take a medical leave of absence and miss a full year of school, starting before the track season was even over in 2016; I was devastated. Throughout my treatment, I felt the love and care of my current team and past teammates who had already graduated through kind words and financial support as we raised money for most of my treatment. I felt so included, loved, and saw a team go above and beyond to help and support me and my family. In addition to individuals, CalLutheran track and field created bracelets and sold and distributed them to our SCIAC teams to raise additional funds for my treatment later in the year as well as other teams, like volleyball, reach out with kind notes and prayers. To me, CalLutheran Cares isn't just a hashtag, but truth to how people can step up and become family when you need them most. 

Sarah Girgis '13

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