Embracing Global Perspectives

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) is in process of developing a faculty-led handbook and interest sessions to showcase the various options available for faculty interested in taking undergraduate or graduate students abroad for credit-bearing opportunities. In addition to the traditional model (Spring semester course linked with a 1-credit unit overseas post-semester experience), various new configurations are in development:



The travel seminar model commonly practiced at Cal Lu is for students to enroll in a Spring semester course (usually for a 4-credit unit course) that includes a May overseas experience, usually offered directly following graduation in May, for approximately two weeks. Students who enroll in the Spring semester course must participate in the study abroad program ( similar to a mandatory tutor/lab session for a class). 



The embedded study abroad program model is one that incorporates an overseas travel component that is implemented during an approximately 7-to-10-day experience overseas, utilizing the spring break period. Coordination is closely monitored to minimize impact on other class sessions, while seeking instructional support similar to accommodations afforded to athletic, performance, and/or special conference programs.



Cal Lutheran offers three summer sessions: early May to start of July; early July to mid-August; or mid-June to mid-July. Faculty can identify and develop course offerings during the summer sessions for various options of credit units, pending the amount of time for the study abroad experience.

The Faculty-Led Proposal Submission Process

For undergraduate programs

Resources are in development and will be provided via the CGE website in the future. A draft of general information regarding the process follows.

  1. Meet with the Associate Provost for Global Engagement and/or the Director for the Office of Education Abroad--Send interest notice to global@CalLutheran.edu.
  2. Discuss interest with Department Chair
  3. Develop syllabus with support coordination for in-country elements from CGE and the identified country provider.
    1. Submit proposal via the online CourseLeaf portal

      *Courseleaf submission triggers notification to the department chair(s) and academic dean(s). If approved, then proceed to following steps pending if the course includes credit applicable to CORE:

  4. No CORE / General Education Credits Includes CORE / General Education Credits
      STEP 4(a):  Submit to General Education Committee
    STEP 4: Submit to Undergraduate Academic Review Committee STEP 4(b):  Submit to Undergraduate Academic Review Committee
  5. If approved in Step 4, then proposal advances to the International Subcommittee
  6. If approved in Step 5, then proposal advances to the EPPC
    The academic dean, Registrar, and the Committee Chairs (for Undergraduate, General Education, and International) are included at the EPPC discussion


The process can take several weeks-to-months to complete the process. The submission deadline for programs is usual 17 months in advance. For Spring 2025 proposals, notification of intent is due to the Center for Global Engagement by Thursday, February 1, 2024.

Spring Semester A Proposal submission (due in February each year); proposal development
Spring/Summer Semester A  (ongoing) Proposal development (as needed); agreement review (CGE)
Summer Semester A Develop promotional materials (CGE) & begin outreach/recruitment
Fall Semester B Final recruitment efforts (registration deadline for faculty-led programs is November 1)
Spring Semester B Implement program (includes OEA predeparture session)


For a program to run, a minimum of eight (8) students is required for a program with one (1) faculty member. If two (2) faculty are co-implementing a program, then a minimum of sixteen (16) students is ideal, with some exceptions. Requirements for graduate program student enrollment may vary slightly.


Contact global@CalLutheran.edu if you are interested in meeting with Associate Provost, Dr. Christina Sanchez or oea@CalLutheran.edu to meet with the Director of the Office of Education Abroad Dr. Matthew Yates regarding potential proposal submission.