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Course Formats & Schedules

Last updated: July 31, 2020

We plan to begin Fall 2020 with all virtual classes. 

In order to allow students and faculty time to prepare, we have decided to change our plan and at least start the Fall Semester with all virtual classes because that is all that is allowed under current state guidelines.

If, during the semester/term, higher education is allowed to offer some face-to-face or hybrid classes, we will try to retun to the original plan. Under this plan, traditional undergraduate courses were scheduled in one of three modalities: in-person/face-to-face, hybrid/split meeting or virtual. The Bachelor's Degree for Professionals program, Graduate School of Psychology and PLTS will offer all classes virtually through December. Graduate programs in the School of Management and Graduate School of Education will have a mix of face-to-face and virtual instruction. The meeting type of each course is determined by the needs of the course, safety and health of students and faculty, and the reduced capacity of classrooms based on physical distancing guidelines the university is required to follow.

Meeting Types

There are three meeting types you might see on your schedule for the course location:

  • Virtual Meeting: This class type will always meet virtually. 

  • Fully In Person: This class type will always meet in person in your assigned classroom on the scheduled day and time.
  • Split Meeting: Classes with enrollment that is too large for all of the enrolled students to attend in person at the same time will meet using a split meeting system. The enrolled students will be split or divided into even groups based on the number of days per week that the class meets. You will attend in-person on the day of the week designated for your group, and attend virtually for the other days that your class meets. If a course only meets once a week, a student group will meet every other week. If one or more of your courses are listed as Split-Meeting then you can find what day you physically come to campus for your course in Blackboard when you navigate to the course and find the Groups section.

If you are a student who can only attend Cal Lutheran in the Fall virtually, regardless of the meeting type of the class, you will be able to attend all classes virtually.

Find Your Course Schedule

You will be able to know the meeting type of all your classes by looking at your schedule in Self-Service/Student Planning in MyCLU.  Your schedule tells you under the location code how your class will meet. 

For example, if you have a class on Cal Lutheran’s Main Campus in Thousand Oaks and the course is being offered in a "Split Meeting" format, then you will see Main Campus Split Meeting as the location type, or MCSP

If one or more of your courses are listed as "Split-Meeting" you can look up what day you physically come to campus for your course in Blackboard when you navigate to the course and find the Groups section. 

Tutorial Video

Watch this video to learn how to find your class meeting schedule.


Here are two examples of how the split meeting will work for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class, and a Tuesday, Thursday class.

    • Example 1:  A student is enrolled in ENGL 111 which meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  They log into Self-Service/Student Planning to see that the class is designated as a split meeting class.  The student opens ENGL 111 in Blackboard and will see under the heading “My Groups” which day they attend the class in the classroom face to face.  For this example the student will see “Wednesday meet on campus”. This student will then go to the assigned classroom on Wednesdays only for the semester.  On Mondays and Fridays this student would attend virtually. 
    • Example 2:  A student is enrolled in ART 160 which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They log into Self-Service/Student Planning to see that the class is designated as a split meeting class. The student opens ART 160 in Blackboard and will see under the heading “My Groups” which day they attend the class in the classroom face to face.  For this example the student will see “Thursday meet on campus.”  This student will then go to the assigned classroom on Thursdays only for the semester.  On Tuesdays this student would attend virtually.

If you would like to make changes to your schedule to better accommodate your desired meeting preference, you can do so by searching for courses in Self-Service Student Planning by filtering the search on Location.  If you need have other questions about your schedule or need assistance with changing your schedule, please contact your Student Success Counselor in Academic Services.

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Fall 2020 Schedule FAQ

1. If I am enrolled in a class using the split meeting method,can I change my group for the split meeting?

You will not be able to switch groups until after the add/drop period is over. Once we pass the last day to add, you may ask your instructor about switching groups. Please refer to the Academic Calendar to find the last day to add a class.

2. Will classes be recorded?

Recording of classes is determined by the instructor of each course. You should check your syllabus and then talk to your instructor.

3. What course management or video conferencing tools will faculty use to conduct class?

Faculty will be using Zoom for live sessions and will also be posting pre-recorded lectures. You can find more about Zoom and Vidgrid on the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) website.

4. If I miss my designated in-person class meeting, can I attend the another class meeting instead?

No, unfortunately, that is not possible. In order to protect the safety of students and faculty, the size of the groups are balanced to ensure in person attendance is safely within physical distancing limits for the classroom the university is required to follow.

5. Can I just do everything virtually, whether I am living on campus?

Yes, you can. All classes that meet face-to-face, either fully or split meeting, will accommodate any students who need to attend 100% virtually. There will be a survey form inside the Blackboard page that will allow you to notify the faculty member about your need to change from in-person to virtual or vice versa.

6. Do I have to live on campus if I only have to come to campus once a week and I don’t live within 30 miles?

Information regarding the University’s residency policy can be found on the Residence Life web page. Residence Life will work individually with students to determine what is best for each of them. If your courses are fully virtual and you no longer need on campus housing, please contact them by email at

7. Is there a discount if I only do virtual classes?

There is no discount for all virtual classes. The content of the classes and the expertise of the faculty is the same whether the class is delivered virtually or face-to-face.

8. What happens if I get COVID-19, or some other illness, that prevents me from attending my courses? Can I switch to all virtual?

All students are eligible to take classes virtually. All classes that meet face-to-face will also be set up to accommodate any students who need to attend virtually. There will be a survey form inside the Blackboard page that will allow you to notify the faculty member. As always, it is important to communicate with your instructors if you are unable to attend your classes. Please contact your Student Success Counselor if you need to request a withdrawal after the posted deadline.

9. My current schedule indicates that none of my classes meet in-person, but I want at least one in-person experience. How can I change into an in-person class?

You are able to see how a class will be meeting in Self Service/Student Planning. The information is listed under the location. You are still able to adjust your schedule as usual. However if you need assistance, please feel free to contact your Faculty Advisor or your Student Success Counselor.

10. My current schedule indicates that a course I need to take is scheduled to meet fully face-to-face or split, but I cannot take in-person courses. How can I change into a fully virtual schedule?

You do not need to change your schedule in order to attend all of your classes virtually. Before the start of the semester, you should update your answer to the Fall Survey in the MyCLU. After classes start, you should complete the survey that will be included in the Blackboard page of each of your in person classes.

11. My current schedule is fully virtual, but I want to live on campus. Can I still do that?

Yes, if all of your classes are virtual, you may still live on campus.

12. When I look at classes in Self-Service/Student Planning, how will I know where to meet?

Traditional undergraduate classes will have three different location codes:

  • Main Campus Fully In-Person
  • Main Campus Split Meeting
  • Virtual Learning

Graduate students will see locations that are a combination of the location and class meeting type:

  • Main Campus – Fully In Person
  • Main Campus – Split Meeting
  • WH – Fully In Person
  • WH – Split Meeting
  • Wlke Village – Fully In Person
  • Wlke Village – Split Meeting
  • Oxnard – Fully In Person
  • Oxnard – Split Meeting
  • Virtual Learning

Bachelor's Degree for Professionals students will see:

  • Virtual Learning
  • Online Blackboard
13. Can I fully come in person to all of my classes? Can I select all in-person classes?

Cal Lutheran is offering a mix of face-to-face, virtual and fully online classes for tradiational undergraduate students and School of Management students this fall. Yes, it is possible as long as all face-to-face classes work for your degree requirements and your schedule.

14. What health and safety precautions is the university taking for in-person classes?

The university is following Center for Disease Control, State of California, and Ventura, Los Angeles, and Alameda county guidelines and recommendations, which include:

  • Seating plans and social/physical distancing criteria
  • Planned seating capacity
  • HVAC and outside air configurations
  • Cleaning and hygiene plans for academic spaces
  • Building circulation patterns
  • Building access
  • Face coverings
  • Signage regarding capacity and social/physical distancing requirements
  • Covered, outdoor classrooms
  • Plexiglass dividers, as appropriate
15. How will waitlists work this fall? Can I still show up to add to the class? How does this work for virtual classes?

Just as in other semesters, you must still receive approval from the faculty member to add a closed or waitlisted class. In order to facilitate this process, please fill out the online Add/Waitlist form found here.

16. I want to be a virtual only student, but I don’t have a reliable internet connection at home. Is there something the university can do to help? Are there laptops for rent like there were over the summer?

The University may be able to assist. You should contact the help desk, at or 805-493-3698. They will then work with you to come up with a resolution to your situation.

More Information

Find more information on the CARES Act Emergency Relief Fund

For questions about student support and success such as the Math Center, the Writing Center, Language Labs, ALLIES in STEM and other tutoring this fall, please contact:

For questions about living on campus, please contact Residence life.  Residence Life information can be found on their web page.  If you have questions, please contact them by email at

For questions about New Student Orientation for tradiational undergraduate students, please refer to the NSO website

You can find who your faculty advisor is in Self-Service/Student Planning or in WebAdvisor

You can find your Student Success Counselor here