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Outdoor Classrooms

Starting February 16, 2021 some outdoor classes will be offered on the Thousand Oaks campus in outdoor classrooms designed to meet health guidelines.

Ten outdoor classrooms have been created. Your schedule will indicate if any of your classes will be held in an outdoor classroom.

However, the decision to attend virtually or in person is yours.  

For students who choose to attend in person, here are some more details about the outdoor classrooms.

Where are the outdoor classrooms?

Four of the classrooms are located near the Ahmanson Science Center, the Swenson Science Center, and the Swenson Center.  The remaining six classrooms are located in the parking lot next to the Mogen and Grace Residence Halls. Here is a link to the campus map that shows the classrooms and their locations.  Please check your schedule in Self-Service Student Planning via your MyCLU Portal to find the location of your outdoor classroom.

What days do I attend in person?

The outdoor classrooms are using the "Split Meeting" format to accommodate the class sizes and adhere to social distancing measures.  Please check the KNOW website for more information on Split Meetings and how to find out which day you will attend your class in person and which day you attend virtually.  

How should I plan for the weather?

The outdoor classrooms are equipped with heaters; however, we strongly encourage you to check the weather and take into account the time of day you will attend.

What if I have a virtual class back-to-back with my outdoor class?

Pearson Library has three study rooms that can reserved for independent study. Students can make a reservation on the regular room reservation calendars by selecting  “Pearson Library Independent Study Rooms (TEMPORARY COVID-19 POLICIES)” from the drop-down menu, or go to this link:  https://callutheran.libcal.com/booking/library-study-covid19

Where should I park?

If you are a commuter student and plan to drive to campus, you can use the campus map to find parking locations near the outdoor classroom you are attending.  We encourage you to keep your Cal Lutheran parking pass up to date.  If you have not requested your parking permit for the 2020-2021 Academic Year, you can do so here.