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Student Isolation Housing

Student isolation housing

Are you a residential student who recently tested positive for COVID-19?

Testing positive can be a stressful and difficult experience, but Cal Lutheran's supportive environment can help you recover while keeping you and your peers safe. 

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Because all known variants of the COVID-19 virus transmit easily from person-to-person (even among vaccinated individuals), it is vital that you isolate yourself from others as soon as possible after testing positive. Whether you live on- or off-campus, the first thing that you are required to do is Report a Positive Case to Health Services.

After reporting your positive case, a representative from Health Services will email you to provide options for isolation housing. If you choose on-campus housing for isolation, complete the steps on this page to check in and out of your house -- plus ask any questions that come up along the way.

Due to limited space, students who have a family member or guardian within a 150-mile radius are expected to go there for isolation. Exceptions will be made for those with significant extenuating circumstances such as a family member with a medical condition who is at high risk of COVID complications.

Checking Into Your Isolation House

Moving into an isolation house during COVID-19 is as easy as 1-2-3. See details below.

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1. Choose to Isolate On-Campus

Confirm with your Health Services representative that you would like to isolate on-campus.

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2. Go to the Assigned House

Move into your house (linens are provided, cookware is not). The door will be open for you.

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3. Submit Check-in Form

Click the button below to complete required check-in, once you are moved in.

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House Policies

During your time at the isolation house, you are authorized to use the whole house, including the kitchen and backyard. In addition, you are obligated to act in accordance with the following policies:

  • You are not allowed to have guests visit the house under any circumstances. Friends and family can drop off items outside for you to pick up.
  • You are not permitted to leave the house, except for emergency or medical care. Please contact Campus Safety if leaving for an emergency; please email covid19reporting@callutheran.edu if leaving for medical care.
  • You are required to abide by all university policies during your time in isolation. Students found to be in violation of any university policies during their time in isolation will be documented through the student conduct process. Please reference the Student Handbook for a full list of policies.

Getting Assistance in Your Isolation House

Looking for helpful resources during your isolation period? Click the button below to request information about a range of campus services, such as meal deliveries, housekeeping, Health Services, and more.

Request Help

Checking Out of Your Isolation House

You are not permitted to leave your isolation house until you receive clearance from Health Services. Once cleared, you can check out and return to your regularly assigned housing unit by following the below steps.

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1. Get Cleared for COVID-19

Health Services will send you an email when you are cleared to leave isolation. This will likely be 5 days after your symptoms started.

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2. Clean Up and Move Out

Pick up after yourself to leave the house the way you found it. Be sure to throw away trash and food, discard linens (or keep if you prefer), and ensure general cleanliness.

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3. Submit Checkout Form

After you have moved all of your belongings out of the house, click the button below to complete the required checkout information. Submit within 24 hours of move out.

Note: Regardless of clearance, you must wear a mask on campus for 10 days after your first symptoms.

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FAQs for Student Isolation

Have a question about a more specific aspect of the isolation procedure? Click the items below to learn more.