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Cal Lutheran to Retain Existing Mask Policy

Dear Cal Lutheran community,

As many are aware, both the State of California and Ventura County lifted indoor mask mandates for fully-vaccinated individuals as of February 16, 2022, while Los Angeles County has retained a mask mandate. As many may also be aware, the mandate still requires masking for high-density congregate settings such as public transit and K-12 classrooms, and the changed mandate is a considerable change from current CDC guidance.

Regarding CDC guidance, the CDC continues to recommend masking in areas with substantial and high transmission rates of COVID, as determined by case counts. Please know that both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties remain in high transmission areas.

At the current time, Cal Lutheran will continue to operate within CDC parameters, and will not make any changes to existing mask protocol: More specific rationale follows:

  1. Cal Lutheran campuses are high-density congregate settings.
  2. There are inherent challenges in enforcing separate mask protocol for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, particularly in classrooms.
  3. Cal Lutheran campuses are situated in high transmission areas as identified by the CDC.

Cal Lutheran’s mask protocols remain as follows: 

Classrooms, Studios, Computer Labs (and other spaces devoted to learning) – All individuals are required to wear well-fitting face masks at all times. Additionally, all individuals must leave the classroom to eat or drink. All individuals are expected to have a face mask on at all times when in those spaces, regardless of the activity.

Athletic Competitions – All individuals engaged as active participants in athletic competitions (including coaches and referees) may be unmasked. All spectators and other individuals within indoor athletic space must be masked.

Private Work Space – All individuals in workspaces must be masked, unless they are alone in private, enclosed workspace, or are actively engaged in eating or drinking.

Meeting Rooms – All individuals in meeting rooms (conference rooms, designated gathering areas) must be masked unless they are actively engaged in eating or drinking.

Residence Hall Common Areas – All individuals in residence hall common areas must be masked unless they are actively engaged in eating or drinking.

Cal Lutheran may be making modifications to the mask protocol as County case counts continue to fall to lower levels of transmission as identified on the CDC’s “COVID-19 Integrated County View”.

Last, please know that a new Campus Compact reflecting this and other most recent COVID protocols will appear as a pop-up as members of the CLU community log onto MyCLU or Blackboard next week.

Questions regarding this message or other topics can be addressed to covidquestions@callutheran.edu.

Ryan Van Ommeren
Associate VP, Operations and Planning
Director, Emergency Operations Center