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Alumni Benefits

Top 10 Reasons Why It's Good to be an Alum of the School of Management.

10. Cal Lutheran keeps you CONNECTED!

Enjoy lifetime e-mail at!

9. Cal Lutheran keeps you CURRENT!

CLU's award-winning magazine keeps you updated on CLU news three times a year.

8. Cal Lutheran keeps you EMPOWERED!

Put those leadership skills to work as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors!

7. Cal Lutheran keeps you NETWORKED!

CLU's online alumni community keeps you networked with classmates and employers!

6. Cal Lutheran keeps you IN TOUCH!

Alumni networking events mean there is NO EXCUSE to lose touch with your CLU family.

5. Cal Lutheran keeps you HEALTHY!

Alumni are eligible for Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center memberships including use of the Forrest Fitness Center and the Samuelson Aquatics Center!

4. Cal Lutheran keeps you UPDATED!

Visit the School of Management Web site for new programs and updates.

3. Cal Lutheran keeps you INFORMED!

CLU's School of Management e-newsletter delivers news you can use!

2. Cal Lutheran keeps you EMPLOYED!

Whether it's your first job or a new promotion, CLU's career services are available...FOR LIFE!

1. Cal Lutheran keeps you HAPPY!

You're educated, fit, fun, employed and have a network of 21,000 friends! Go forth and conquer!

To see the complete list of alumni benefits, please visit the Alumni Association website.


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