The Wold Fund

The Wold Fund represents a gift from Marge Wold's estate. Throughout her life, Marge and her husband Erling have been supporters of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and California Lutheran University. Their commitment to the life and growth of the Lutheran church and its leaders was deep and abiding.

It was the Wolds' belief that the best church leaders would rise from those who had been nurtured, shepherded, and educated. As a result of this memorial fund gift, more informed, connected, and effective church leaders can be developed. 

Eligibility:  Allenrolled Cal Lutheran undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for funding. These “face-to-face” funds support students to attend events related to discernment of spiritual/ religious vocation, spiritual/ religious learning engagement, and spiritual/ religious enrichment as outlined below.

Applicants are invited to submit requests for a wide variety of events, seminars, and opportunities. All applications must be submitted 60 days in advance of the request.

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