Academic Affairs COVID-19 Updates

All classes are being delivered virtually starting Monday, March 16, through the end of the spring semester/term. The information on this page provides instructions to help faculty transition their courses.

A recording of the Digital Learning Emergency Plan Workshop can be viewed here.

Please take advantage of these materials and contact Dr. Mirwais Azizi ( and his staff if you need further assistance in offering your courses in a virtual format.

 Academic Affairs Temporary Policies

Access to Academic Resources

Preventing Zoombombing

Digital Learning Emergency Plan

Pandemic Preparedness Acacemic Policies

Who to Contact for Digital Learning Help:

Dr. Mirwais Azizi
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning | Digital Learning
(805) 493-3713
Office: SBet 112

Instructional Designers
       Dr. Denise Kaye - Instructional Designer
      (805) 493-3643

Dr. Minyan He - Instructional Designer
     (805) 493-3683

Video Lecture Capture/Recording
Kaitlin Hodgdon - Lecture Capture Specialist
     (805) 493-3931

 Blackboard Support / Training
     Jon Pacheco - Learning Technology, Blackboard Specialist
    (805) 493-3746

 Instruction Course Design / Moodle Support (PLTS)
Ada Crutchfield - Learning Technology Coordinator (PLTS)
     (510) 559-2709

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information regarding resources for switching my course to be taught virtually?

We have an Academic Affairs Continuity Plan Page:

Does my class need to meet virtually at the same time as it did in person or can I hold it at any time?

Maintain normal course scheduling as much as you can. Try to hold synchronous activities to promote community, but please don't penalize students who cannot participate due to time zone differences, poor internet access, or similar factors. Additionally, it's ideal to schedule synchronous activities during the normal class time (relative to the Pacific time zone), to avoid putting students in the untenable position of having to choose between simultaneous activities for different classes.

 How can I get a Zoom Pro Account?

All faculty have a Zoom Basic account (accessed through MyCLU). A basic account limits group meetings to 40 minutes. The time usage is unlimited for one-on-one meetings.

Please contact the Help Desk ( for a Zoom Pro account.  The Pro version allows for group meetings to run for 24 hours. You will need this if you are using Zoom for a class meeting.

How would students give presentations virtually?

Since student presentations usually take the form of short lectures, they can be delivered to you and to the class in the same way that you can deliver your own lecture content to the class. See the Digital Learning Emergency Plan located online at:

 What if I have a student who needs accommodations in my class? How can that be done virtually?

Approved accommodations for students with disabilities will still need to be delivered.  There may need to be some modifications to those accommodation to make them appropriate for virtual study.  Students or faculty with specific questions or concerns should feel free to contact Disability Support Services at or 805-493-3464.  All efforts will be made to ensure a timely transition for any necessary modifications.  Decisions for modifications will be made on a case-by-case basis.  We appreciate your understanding.

What if a class cannot be moved to virtual teaching (labs, performance, etc.)?

Please address this with your dean.

With the move to courses being taught virtually, can faculty still teach/work from their office?

At this time, faculty may not work in their office due to the Governor's order given to stay at home. 

 What if a student doesn’t have access to a computer or internet at home?

A survey went out to all students asking about their computer/internet needs. ITS is working with those students to ensure they have access. 

How do I still hold my Office Hours?

Consider using Zoom or a Google Hangout to hold virtual office hours and to keep appointments with students during the campus closure.

If you're not already using the appointments booking feature in Google Calendar, this could be a good time to start. You can designate selected time slots for which students can sign up. If students have their own Google Calendar time zones set correctly for wherever they are, Google Calendar will automatically make the appropriate adjustments.

How can I access my work from home? Do I need a VPN?

Many items can be accessed just utilizing the internet such as MyCLU, Googledocs, Library online resources, etc. All faculty currently have access to the VPN. You will need VPN access if you need to access the U or V drive or Colleague.

Will events be cancelled?

This situation is fluid and is being assessed daily. At this point, all events through May 20th have been cancelled or moved to a virtual format. 

If you have a question that is not addressed on this website, you can send your question to Karissa Oien (