Educational Effectiveness Committee

  1. To support the culture of reflective practice for program development and review at California Lutheran University (CLU), by:
      1. serving as a centralized resource for educational effectiveness activities
      2. promoting communication about best practices for program self-evaluations
  2. To support institution-wide evaluations and decision-making in support of integrating program review, strategic planning, accreditation, and institutional research
  3. To gather data on the achievement of university learning outcomes
  1. Provide recommendations to enhance the quality of university educational effectiveness at CLU
  2. Serve as educational effectiveness liaisons to units within CLU
  3. Oversee the mechanics and process of academic and non-academic program reviews
  4. Provide support for survey development, implementation and scheduling
  5. Provide educational effectiveness support for reaccreditation processes
  6. Provide support for the Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research

The core committee, listed below, includes representation from major academic and administrative units at CLU.  The committee has both an academic focus and an administrative focus and may break into task groups for particular projects.  The Provost, working with the Deans, appoints administrative representatives to the committee. The CLU Faculty Executive Committee appoints faculty members to the committee.

Faculty Appointments (staggered three-year term limits)
  1. Four to six faculty members representing graduate and undergraduate programs
Administrative appointments
  1. Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research
  2. Assessment coordinators/officers from each of the Divisions within the College of Arts and Sciences and from each School
  3. Institutional Research Officer
  4. Up to 5 administrative appointments representing key roles in program development and review
  5. Educational Effectiveness & Institutional Research Data Analyst/Program Review Facilitator
  6. Representative from the Students

Committee Members

Rodney Reynolds
Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research
(805) 493-3658 

Cathy Alexander
Institutional Research Officer, Educational Effectiveness & Institutional Research
(805) 493-3147

Samantha Allen
Research Specialist, Educational Effectiveness & Institutional Research
(805) 493-3018 

Michael Arndt
Professor, Theater Arts
(805) 493-3416

Jamie Banker
Associate Professor & MFT Program Director, Graduate School of Psychology
(805) 493-3772 

Beth Brennan
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Graduate School of Education
(805) 493-3687 

Lisa Buono
Director, Bachelor's Degree for Professionals
(805) 493-3663

Kristine Butcher
Professor, Chemistry
(805) 493-3338

Jacquelyn Greenhill
Lecturer, Graduate School of Education
(805) 493-3492

Juanita Hall
Senior Director Multicultural & International Program
(805) 493-3951

Maria Kohnke
Director of Academic Services, Registrar
(805) 493-3105

Kirk Lesh
Assistant Professor, School of Management
(805) 493-3788 

Lisa Loberg
Study Abroad Director & Senior Lecturer, French
(805) 493-3750 

Schannae Lucas
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
(805) 493-3391 

Valeria Makarova
Assistant Professor, School of Management
(805) 493-3285

Melinda Medlen
Data Analyst, Educational Effectiveness & Institutional Research
(805) 493-3962 

Henri Mondschein
Information Specialist, ISS
(805) 493-3012

Barbara Rex
Director of Planning & Budget
(805) 493-3175

Lorynn Selby
Lecturer, Graduate School of Education

Ryan Sharma
Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Training, Graduate School of Psychology
(805) 493-3056

Scott Silverman
Assistant Dean/Director of Student Life
(805) 493-3218