Planning Process

As reflected in the Strategic Plan, the Campus Plan is organized around three themes: Student Experience, Fulfilling Work Environment, and Distinctive Impact. These themes are guiding the Campus Plan Leadership Team in determining our next steps.

In partnership with the strategic planning process, consultants from Credo Inc. are guiding us on developing our campus plan. The overall process consists of four phases:

  1. Campus Fact-Finding

    Nov. 2021 - May 2022
    This phase began back in November 2021, during the Community Day event that provided campus leaders with substantial input from faculty and staff. Following a formal kick-off meeting with the project team in March, the fact-finding phase took an in-depth look at what resources Cal Lutheran currently has, and how they are being used. This was aided with a Campus Perceptions Survey, which was completed by 449 students, 171 staff, members of the Campus Leadership Team (below) and Credo team members. Credo noted that this was their best response rate ever. The Fact-Finding report concluded in May 2022, laying the foundation for the second phase.
  2. Space and Place Requirements

    June 2022 - July 2022

    With feedback from Credo consultants and the greater campus community, the second phase has commenced by scheduling user-group interviews. From July 19-29, community and campus members will have a chance to look at and suggest the spaces needed for specific projects. As part of these interactive sessions, participants will be asked to talk about the spaces thatcurrently exist and those they hope will exist in the future. A larger goal in this phase is to better utilize the outdoor space the Thousand Oaks climate offers.

  3. Scenario Development

    Aug. 2022 - Sept. 2022
    With goals and spaces mapped out, Credo consultants will come to Cal Lutheran again in September. During this visit, they will present a 3D model of campus and ask the Cal Lutheran community to engage in a collaborative planning activity that helps them narrow down the options most attractive to faculty, staff, and students. Please visit this survey to sign up for Campus Plan 3D Model Scenario Exercises. Town Hall meetings in September will pave the way to develop a preferred scenario.
  4. Action Plan

    Sept. 2022 - Oct. 2022

    Alongside the Scenario workshops in September, Credo and the Campus Leadership team will begin identifying potential projects, priorities, and sequences and add some order of magnitude budget ranges. This is the Action Plan. The Action Plan willl map out where to start, and what comes next.    This final stage is just the beginning. 

The Leadership Planning Team

  • Gerhard Apfelthaler
  • Kevin Baxter
  • Christine Cano
  • Alejandra Castillo
  • Stephanie Hessemer
  • Caitlin Hodges
  • Maria Kohnke
  • Andrea Layne
  • Michael Panesis
  • Bryan Rasmussen
  • Rachel Ronning Lindgren
  • Melinda Roper
  • Mara Saule
  • Amy Schwalbach
  • Jody Skenderian
  • Wes Sullivan
  • Ryan Van Ommeren
  • Lori Varlotta
  • Matthew Ward
  • Vanessa Webster Smith