Virtual Festival of Scholars

April 27 – May 1, 2020

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Student Experiences with Global Studies Here, Abroad, and Beyond

Student Abstracts

Cristina McQuillen, Sarah Dearborn

Faculty Mentor:
Dr. Russell Stockard

Student Experiences with Global Studies: Here, Abroad, and Beyond 
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Student Experiences with Global Studies: Here, Abroad, and Beyond is a panel of Global Studies students discussing their experience with the Major/Minor from the standpoint of coursework, research and study abroad with the goal of sharing how they used the opportunity for academic development and personal growth. Through this experiential and formal learning, we come together and discover the importance of becoming global citizens in a globalized world. Through this panel, we hope to broaden global perceptions and encourage the learning about different cultures, customs, and people. Through California Lutheran University‘s Global Studies and study abroad programs students gain valuable insights and skills that allow them to become true global citizens and leaders. We hope that our experiences challenge our fellow students to do the same.