Financial Aid and Scholarships

Program Costs

Semester Study

Students pay directly to Cal Lutheran University  and retain their full financial aid package, including state and federal aid, grants, loans, and Cal Lutheran-specific scholarships, with the sole exception of work-study.

What you will see on pre-bill  & student accounts
Out-of-Pocket Costs
  • Standard Semester Tuition & Fees
  • Housing (Standard or Mogen depending on program)
  • $200 Study Abroad Enrollment Fee
  • Financial aid package applies
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa application
  • Meals*
  • Additional excursions
* Cost for meals can vary depending on your housing type. Some homestay families may provide number of meals while shared apartment with or without kitchen may not provide any meals. Do your research on each program to plan accordingly.
Semester at Sea

Cal Lutheran nominate two students for each semester voyage as "Cal Lutheran students," while two 
additional students may participate as "direct enroll students." See below for details.

If you are nominated as a CLU student If you are nominated as a Direct Enroll student
You will see the below on your CLU pre-bill & student accounts.
  • $200 Study Abroad Enrollment Fee
  • Standard Semester Tuition & Fees
  • Mogen Rate of Housing
  • 190 Block Meal Plan
  • Financial aid package applies
  • $200 Study Abroad Enrollment Fee paid to CLU
  • Pay all other required fees to Semester at Sea
  • Financial aid package applies
  • CLU specific scholarship cannot be transferred
Summer/Winter Study

Student pays all required program fees to the program except for the CLU registration fee. Your out-of-pocket fees will vary depending on your program.

What you will see on pre-bill  & student accounts What you pay to host orgainzation
$100 Study Abroad Enrollment Fee

All required program fees.

Faculty-Led Programs and Travel Seminars
What you will see on pre-bill  & student accounts
  • $100 Study Abroad Enrollment Fee
  • Semeter tuition charge will include your course fee (unless you overload beyond 18 credits)
  • Travel program fees will appear on your Student Account as part of your course fees


OEA Scholarship

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) endowed scholarship was created by the alumni board to help more undergraduate students study abroad.  Scholarship amounts vary from $250 to $1,500 and are awarded based on financial need, merit, and goals of study away. All applicants for each term are automatically considered for OEA scholarship. You do not need to submit a separate application.

Host Program Scholarships

We highly encourage all program participants to apply for grants & scholarships that may be offered by host organization/programs. See below for applicable program scholarships.

External Scholarships

These scholarships are available for students interested in study away. They are not affiliated with California Lutheran University. Please review each scholarship for eligiblity and application information.


Resources for Budget Planning

Budgets will vary widely depending on your individual spending habits. Strategies such as cooking at home will help you manage your spending, but you'll also want to be realistic.