1. Contact local first responders immediately
    1. Depending on the nature of the emergency, contact local police, fire, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, embassies, or consulates
    2. All emergency numbers are found in the AlertTraveler App under the Country Intelligence section.
  2. Contact your host program's local support staff
    1. Your host program will provide you with emergency contact information at your on-site orientation
  3. Call Generali
    1. Your EIIA Travel Insurance includes Generali assistance for all emergency travel, accident, and illnesses
    2. 1-833-209-7075 (Domestic)
    3. +1-312-638-6995
    4. eiia@healix.com 
  4. Inform your family, guardians, and friends once you are safe
    1. Ensure that your loved ones have your contact information at all times
    2. Be cautious when using social media networks to communicate about emergencies
  5. Contact Campus Safety and OEA to submit an incident report
    1. Campus Safety is available for emergency assistance 24/7 at 805-493-3911.
    2. Contact OEA at oea@CalLutheran.edu to connect with relevant on-campus resources
    3. If you submit an EIIA insurance claim, call or email your claim number to OEA at oea@CalLutheran.edu.
    4. If you are traveling with a faculty leader, provide this information to them and have them send it to OEA.