Faculty-Led Program Policies

Welcome, prospective faculty leaders!

We're glad you may be interested in offering a faculty-led education abroad program at Cal Lutheran. This opportunity can be a very rewarding experience—not only for your student participants, but for you, the faculty leader, as well. At the same time, faculty-led programs require a lot of work, from building and reviewing to marketing, teaching, and traveling.

To these ends, we have included all of the Office of Education Abroad's faculty-led policies and procedures online, which you may access using the topics in the main menu on your right. Please note that these policies and procedures are subject to revision without advance notice, although the Office of Education Abroad will announce any major changes to the university community. No Cal Lutheran study away program may be publicized, and certainly cost information must not be circulated, until the program as a whole has been approved by the Office of Education Abroad.

A faculty-led education abroad program is:

  • Planned, facilitated, organized, or taught by Cal Lutheran faculty or staff;
  • Facilitated by a faculty and/or staff member who accompanies students on the program;
  • Inclusive of a Cal Lutheran course, and;
  • Approved by, and organized on behalf of, a Cal Lutheran academic department and college.

To start work on a program, feel free to browse these policies and procedures. When you’re ready, reach out to the Center for Global Engagement (global@callutheran.edu, x3750) and/or contact OEA Director, Dr. Matthew Yates, at (805) 493-3757 or matthewyates@callutheran.edu. We'd also recommend that you contact your department head and college dean as soon as you begin thinking about developing a program. Once you submit a proposal, one of our advisors will review the program and provide you with feedback.

Submit a proposal today! Download our Faculty-Led Program Proposal Form and submit it to the OEA Director at matthewyates@callutheran.edu

We’re happy to address your questions and to work with you as you develop a faculty-led program!

For details about the Faculty-led process at Cal Lutheran and/or additional resources and opportunities for faculty and staff, please visit the Center for Global Engagement's website or contact the Associate Provost for Global Engagement Dr. Christina Sanchez at global@callutheran.edu