Faculty- Led Programs

travelseminarjapanLed by Cal Lutheran faculty members, travel seminars take students around the world.  Blending academic theories with in-person experiences, courses have been led in locations such as Peru, Turkey, Japan, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Jamaica.

In traditional travel seminars, students enroll in a focused course on campus during the semester before traveling. Upon completing the semester, students go into the field for two to three weeks and put their classroom studies into in-person context. Think of the traditional format as a “linked lab” course. Students earn credit for the spring course and travel seminar.

Another model is the stand-alone program, where a Cal Lu faculty member takes the classroom abroad and teaches the course in the designated location. 

Disciplines include Art, Communication, English, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and more.

Students can fulfill Core-21, major, or minor requirements.

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