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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Spring 2017

During Spring semester of 2017, Health Services participated in a patient satisfaction survey administered by the American College Health Association.  Invitations to the survey were sent to all patients once the survey started and until it ended during Finals Week.  There was a 20% response rate and the results are shown below.  The reference group was all other universities who participated in the patient satisfaction survey during Spring 2017.


All results of survey scores based on a 5 point Likert scale for satisfaction and results from the reference group.

Statement or question Satisfied Very satisfied Total: satisfied or very satisfied Reference group total
Satisfaction with ease of scheduling an appointment that meets your needs 11.6% 82.6% 94.2% 84.0%
Satisfaction with time needed in the health service to complete your appointment 19.7% 74.6% 94.3% 79.1%
Satisfaction with efficiency of check-in and check-out process 9.8% 88.4% 98.2% 89.3%
Satisfaction with friendliness, courtesy, and helpfulness of the registration staff 9.2% 88.4% 97.6% 88.4%
Satisfaction with friendliness, courtesy, and helpfulness of the staff assisting your provider 10.5% 86.6% 97.1% 92.0%
The provider listened carefully to your concerns 4.6% 93.1% 97.7% 89.7%
Amount of time spent with the provider 10.4% 86.1% 96.5% 87.3%
Satisfaction with quality of the explanations and advice you were given for your condition and the recommended treatment 12.7% 78.6% 91.3% 84.2%
Satisfaction with explanations given about payment and billing issues 15.2% 82.5% 97.7% 72.0%
Your confidentiality and privacy were carefully protected 7.0% 91.2% 98.2% 94.8%
Cleanliness and general appearance of the health center 2.9% 95.4% 98.3% 96.1%
Your overall satisfaction with your visit 14.5% 80.8% 95.3% 85.4%
  Likely Very likely Total: likely or very likely Reference group total
How likely are you to recommend the health service to another student? 12.8% 83.7% 96.5% 82.5%