University Hearing Board

What is the University Hearing Board (UHB)?

The University Hearing Board is the Student Conduct Body comprised of a minimum of thirteen (13) members from the University community (four students, four faculty, four administrators and one advisor) authorized to determine whether a student has violated the Standards of Conduct or a University policy and to impose sanctions upon those students found responsible and to consider an appeal from the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students or their designee’s determination that a student has violated the Standards of Conduct or University policy.

How do I appeal my conduct decision?

All students are afforded the right to appeal the decision made from their Administrative Hearing within 5 business days as outlined on their decision letter. In these instances, 3-5 members of the University Hearing Board (trained faculty, staff, and students who are not Residence Life and Student Conduct staff members) will be convened to re-hear the case at a formal hearing (see: Article IV. Operating Procedures for the University Hearing Board). In some instances, the Administrative Hearing may be skipped altogether and the case will be moved directly to the University Hearing Board.

In order to formally request an appeal, students must submit a written request to the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students within 5 business days of the decision letter issued from their Administrative Hearing. Upon submission, students will be asked to fill out a form indicating their current class schedules so that the Residence Life and Student Conduct staff can arrange the hearing accordingly. Typically, the University Hearing Board will gather to hear the case within 10 days of the appeal. Once an appeal has been submitted within the given timeframe, any sanctions that were issued from the Administrative Hearing are placed on hold. The University Hearing Board will have the opportunity to review the student’s case and consequently issue a new decision. The University Hearing Board may decide to overturn the initial decision from the Administrative Hearing and find the student “Not Responsible,” to uphold the initial decision and maintain the same sanctions (with either the same or different due dates), or to uphold the initial decision and change or increase the initial sanctions that were issued. At the end of the hearing, the University Hearing Board will share their decision and subsequent sanctions with the student. The student will also receive written notification via their Cal Lutheran email account that summarizes the University Hearing Board’s findings.

How do I become a member of the University Hearing Board (UHB)?

Faculty, staff, and students may contact Andrew Castro, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct, with interest in joining the University Hearing Board via email at Once board members are selected, they will undergo training to cover the following topics:

  • Philosophy of the conduct process at Califonia Lutheran University
  • UHB's purpose, qualifications, and responsibilities
  • UHB's operating and sanctioning procedures
  • UHB's code of ethics, importance of confidentiality, and how to hold a fair and unbiased hearing
  • Student's rights and responsbilities at CLU and in student conduct proceedings