Academic advising and support for traditional undergraduate students

Star Program

The Star Program offers student-centered academic support that supplements the general advising services available to all students at Cal Lutheran. Featuring highly personalized guidance throughout the academic journey, the Star Program is designed for probationary and conditionally admitted students, as well as students who voluntarily elect-in for additional support.

Students who enroll in the program make a commitment to:
  •   Regular meetings with a Star Counselor throughout the semester
  •   Class progress reports for each enrolled course
  •   Reflections on an identified topic related to student success

New for Spring 2024!

Students have the opportunity to either meet with their Star counselor one-on-one for the semester or complete a UNIV-1ST Star course for 0-1 credits. Connect with your Star counselor to learn more about this opportunity!

Program Benefits and Highlights

Perks of participating in the Star Program:
  1. Structured academic support meetings with a Star Counselor
  2. Assistance with academic schedules and planning
  3. Progress reports for each academic course
  4. Information about campus resources
  5. Advocacy for your success as a student
  6. Opportunity to receive priority registration
How the Star Program helps you:
  • Supports you in maintaining your GPA for extracurriculars (e.g., athletics, clubs, scholarships)
  • Provides resources to remain in good academic standing or remove academic probation
  • Facilitates communication with your professors
  • Teaches you holistic techniques to balance your academic, social, and personal commitments
  • Guides you through identifying behaviors that lead to academic success

Enroll today to power up your academics!

Take an active role in your educational preparedness by participating in the Star Program.

Cost of Enrollment

The enrollment fee for participating in the Star Program depends on your status as follows. 

  • Probationary Students
    $790 per semester

  • Conditionally Admitted Students
    $525 per semester, required for two semesters ($1,050 per year)

  • Elect-in Students
    $525 per semester (due to limited availability, please contact us at the start of the semester to assess your needs)

Steps to Enroll

  1. Review the Star Program Sample Syllabus                                (Spring 2024 update coming soon!)
    Get familiar with the details of the program, as well as the expectations of both you and your Star Counselor

  2. By the second Friday of the semester, contact the Star Counselor you are assigned to. Reach out to them now
    If you do not have a letter from the Provost with an assigned Star Counselor, please contact Academic Services

  3. Gear up for your first meeting.
    Start brainstorming a few goals you would like to accomplish in the Star Program, as well as any info you want to share with your Star Counselor