Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

California Lutheran University began in 1959 as a liberal arts college deeply rooted in the tradition of Lutheran higher education. Although the university has grown exponentially over the years, a key tenant of the Lutheran philosophy has steadfastly remained—to encourage varying opinions, to probe, to question and to seek truth.

photoThis culture, based on the juxtaposition of faith and reason, is apparent not only in classrooms but also across the campus.

We firmly believe our culture is enhanced when individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences become part of the University family and bring their talents and views to the academy.

In the classroom and laboratory, we see that learning and research benefit when the University is diverse and when there is a range of questions and opinions. In the administrative offices, we have found that problem solving and planning abilities improve when different points of view are presented. In every sector, the University's diverse blend of students, staff and faculty is a tremendous resource that benefits all.

At Cal Lutheran, we are committed to an inclusive learning and work environment that values individual differences and respects each person's dignity. We strive to open our doors to students and employees from all walks of life and to assist them once they arrive. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college. Their insights add greatly to the overall educational experience. 

Cal Lutheran is also a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities  (HACU) and we share its mission of improving access to and the quality of postsecondary educational opportunities for Hispanic students.  Cal Lutheran has been designated a Hispanic-serving institution by the U.S. Department of Education, signifying that Latinos make up at least 25% of full-time undergraduate students. Seventeen percent of U.S. colleges currently hold the designation, which makes them eligible for grants to support academic achievement for Latinos and all other students. 

photoThere is no doubt that the multiculturalism at Cal Lutheran greatly enhances the learning and working environment of the campus community. It not only reflects the changing world around us but also encourages dialog and differing points of view—the basis of Lutheran higher education. Most importantly, diversity inspires us to appreciate and achieve our mission to educate leaders for a global society.

We believe strongly in our mission, and we believe increasing diversity will help us to achieve it. Real diversity, however, can become reality only when each of us, on a daily basis, looks for ways to find strength in differences.

We call on everyone's help. As educator Adela Allen so aptly wrote: "We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until difference makes no difference anymore."