Offered as a major (B.A.) and a minor

Multimedia majors are full of ideas, and they have the skills to make them reality. As a student, you will evolve creative concepts into practically applied works across multiple mediums, preparing you for the career of your choice.

So whether your future lies in web design, film, animation, digital music, graphic design, or video games, you'll be prepared to master the medium.

The Curriculum

Ideas become reality in the Multimedia Department. Students learn the theory and practice of how a single premise is developed into a creative concept and practically applied across multiple mediums: the Internet, graphic design, digital cinema, immersive experiences, animation and digital games. We create a supportive and engaging environment where storytelling and commerce, art and computer science, cultural analysis and animation, students and faculty collaborate to produce exciting new works in dynamic media.

California Lutheran University's Core-21 grounds the student in the liberal arts. The multimedia core courses and classes drawn from the entire University curriculum enhance that foundation. These include classes in art, theater, music, communication, business, computer science and education.

Each student acquires a fundamental creative, technical and administrative competency across these disciplines. They invent and develop ideas into concepts, characters and stories. They acquire cross platform computer skills and in depth knowledge of software applications. They also learn essential interpersonal skills and a collaborative attitude to function well in a professional, team oriented business environment.

Moving beyond media literacy, our students understand the theories and processes behind media production and learn the tools and techniques to create and develop entire media franchises. Fulfilling the university mission of cultivating creative global citizens, they have the potential to become the next generation of global entrepreneurs: inventive, passionate, ethical and a stimulating force for good in the world.


Offered as a major (B.A.) and a minor

  • Digital Gaming
  • Graphic Design / Print
  • High Definition Digital Cinema
  • Interactivity, Web & Mobile Devices
  • Visual Effects, Motion Graphics & Animation

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The Experience
Multimedia major photo of student or faculty

Developing visual educational materials for the medical community emphasizes the demand for continuing education in both subject matter and technical skills. This serves as a real world model for students as they pursue careers in service and entertainment industries.

Timothy Hengst
Multimedia major photo of student or faculty

I had an internship with Teamwork Athletic in San Marcos, California. It was everything and more that an undergraduate student could wish for. They gave me the opportunity to create and conceptualize my own designs. This internship did everything to complement my studies here at Cal Lutheran.

Zack Vanderzel

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Your Future

This program is sound preparation for careers in a broad range of media fields including animation, concept design, computer games, creative development, digital cinema, directing, e-commerce, gaming, high definition (HD) and interactive television production, project management, Web development, and visual effects.

Our alumni study at:

  • Video Symphony
  • Musician's Institute
  • San Francisco Academy of Arts
  • University of Connecticut
  • Simmons College
  • Gnomon 3D Modeling & Animation School

They work for:

  • Aim & Fire Music Group, LLC
  • CBS Paramount
  • Go West Events & Multimedia
  • Magaurn Video Productions
  • Mechnology Visual Effects
  • Paradox Development
  • Marketing Maven Public Relations
  • Avodah Publishing

Career paths:

  • Web Designer
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Lead Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Music Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Art Director