Advertising and Public Relations


Build relationships, reputations, partnerships and promotions.

Advertising and public relations are integral to the success of every modern-day organization. By focusing on areas such as brand awareness, lead generation, and consumer trust, every employer needs people with specialized knowledge to ensure a competitive advantage.

Study the cutting edge of communication

Today’s interactive media environment has changed the public’s expectations of how organizations communicate with them. In our program, you’ll gain experience in helping brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, and cause-related organizations develop communication strategies that are creative, ethical and authentic.

Utilize real-world communication strategies

As a student in advertising and public relations, the knowledge you’ll gain inside and outside of the classroom will help you create and execute communication plans that can be used in a variety of industries — from entertainment to environmental advocacy.


Required courses:
  • COMM 342/Principles of Public Relations (4 credits, F/SP)
  • COMM 380/Principles of Advertising (4 credits, F/SP) 
Choose at least one: 
  • COMM 301/Persuasive Communication/(4 credits/SP)  
  • COMM 481/Strategic Campaigns (4 credits/SP) 

In addition to the required courses, choose any two Communication courses.

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