Speak truth to power.

At its core, journalism is about accountability on all levels, but the skills you learn — interviewing people, verifying information, synthesizing and telling stories, and working on deadline — will prepare you to work in today’s fast-paced communication fields.

Gain relevant skills for the modern media environment

There are more sources of information available than ever before across numerous channels and platforms. Through our curriculum, you’ll cultivate skills that prepare you to communicate to audiences with integrity. You’ll also have access to many opportunities for hands-on experiential learning which will prepare you to work in today’s news media and beyond.

Build a foundation in written and verbal communication

Communication is a broad field with increasingly diverse opportunities created by this digital age. We provide multiple opportunities for hands-on experiences so you can try creating your own media content. Take courses to learn how to produce your own radio show for our campus streaming station, write a column or take photos for our award-winning student newspaper, or direct and produce your own film for our university film festival.


Required courses:
  • COMM 231/Media Writing (4 credits, F/SP)
  • COMM 431/News Reporting Experience-Echo (2 credits, F/SP, may take twice)
Choose at least one:
  • COMM 346/Advanced Reporting & Editing (4 credits)
  • COMM 405/Freedom of Communication (4 credits)
  • COMM 406/Legal Issues in New Media (4 credits)

In addition to the required courses, choose any two Communication courses.

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