A free, three-week summer program for STEM students

Activities & Experiences

What will you be doing at STEM Academy? Your time will be spent in several different ways, from learning to team building to networking with STEM proessionals already the feild!

  • Class: Work with STEM faculty to research your project topic.
  • Tutoring & Project Work: Time to meet with peer tutors, get help with your studies, and work on your research poster-presentation.
  • Campus Connections: Learn about campus services and opportunities. Work with your peer mentors to learn about the transition to college.
  • Workshops, Seminars & Panels: Learn the habits to succeed in STEM and how to navigate your academic career.
  • Cultural & Adventure Activities: Learn more about how STEM touches on life outside of the lab and get out of the classroom to do something fun!
  • Breaks & Free Time: Take some time out between activities, go to the gym/pool.
  • Team Activity: Connect with your STEM Academy cohort. 

Sample Schedules