The Fifty and Better program appreciates all the support we receive from our students and community! We are launching the formation of three “clubs.” Those who make a donation (of any amount) will be part of our FABulous Club, receiving recognition on our website for one year. Members of the Century Club and the Millennium Club will be recognized on our website and will receive access to special events during the year. Gifts of any size help support programming and staff of the Fifty and Better program, supporting lifelong learners who desire intellectual stimulation and social engagement, now and into the future. Thank you for supporting Fifty and Better!

Millennium Club

Members recognized in the Millennium Club have made donations of $1000 and up.
  • Dennis Jurcak
  • Debra Papageorge
  • Diana Troik, Ph.D., & Art Shaffman

Century Club

Members recognized in the Century Club have made donations of $100-999.
  • Linda Abbott
  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Zelma Gillette Baer
  • Laura Behjan
  • Ruth Buono
  • Carol Denny
  • Kathy Denny
  • Bob & Ginger Detterman
  • Sue & Andy Dichter
  • Ruth Dods
  • Harry Domicone
  • Louise Evenson
  • Betty & Jack Gleason
  • Penny Greenblatt
  • Charlotte Lucero
  • Kirsten & Karsten Lundring
  • Arlene Miro
  • Ben & Roberta Morowitz
  • Randy Richardson
  • Paul & Diane Sanders
  • The Smith Family
  • Elaine Sweet
  • Lindy Waddell
  • Dianne Wendt

FABulous Club

Members recognized in the FABulous Club have made donations of up to $99.
  • Alan B. Avakian 
  • Ishara Bailis
  • Eloise Olson Cohen '71
  • Michael Elgarico
  • Jill Kantrowitz
  • S. Nelson
  • Julie Nolan
  • Cynthia R.
  • John & Melanie Reiter
  • Sue Richards
  • Kevin Tierney