Helping nonprofit leaders do better at doing good

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

California Lutheran University’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership builds the leadership and management capacity of individuals and organizations serving the Ventura County region.

Our Vision 

A thriving nonprofit sector that serves the needs of our region, advocates for the well-being of all community members, and provides the spark for a robust culture of local philanthropy.

Our Competitive Advantage
  • ONE GIFT OF HIGH IMPACT.  An investment in the Center for Nonprofit Leadership is an investment in every nonprofit in our region.
  • BUILD STRONG LEADERS.  We develop and empower strong leaders who have the capacity to serve effectively, efficiently and ethically to strengthen the fabric of our community.
  • ESSENTIAL ONE-OF-A-KIND RESOURCE.  We deliver low-cost board and staff training to help individuals and organizations navigate change, adapt and achieve their missions.
  • COLLECTIVE VOICE.  We serve as a lead advocate in building local philanthropy, inspiring donor trust and elevating the sector’s ability to serve our community.
  • STANDARDS OF PRACTICE.  Our programs model and teach the highest ethical standards of nonprofit practice and authentic community engagement.
  • REPUTATION.  Our work has received state and national recognition and has served the region’s nonprofit leaders for more than 20 years, guided by longstanding volunteer leadership and seasoned staff.