English Department

College of Arts & Sciences

Department Awards

The Department of English awards the Van Doren, Ledbetter, and Koa-Plumeria Literary Prizes annually. These prize opportunities available to all majors.

Mark Van Doren Prize for Poetry

The annual Mark Van Doren Poetry Prize ($1000) was first awarded in 1972. The prize became an endowed scholarship through the donations of poet Mark Van Doren’s sons, John and Charles Van Doren. Submit three to five poems for consideration.

Ledbetter Prize

The Ledbetter Prize ($500), made possible through the donation of Dr. Jack Ledbetter, is given annually to a Cal Lutheran student for the best written work in any genre: academic, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama.

Koa-Plumeria Prizes

The Koa-Plumeria Prizes (presented by John PM Dillon) includes a $500 prize for the best ENGLISH 111 Prose Composition and $500 for the best Morning Glory literary submission.

Sigmar Schwarz Prize

The Sigmar Schwarz Prize ($100) was first awarded in 2017 and is given to the student with the best submission for a literary criticism paper.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: March 21th, 2019.

  1. Submit all works to englishdept@callutheran.edu  
  2. When sending in submissions, be sure to send your information from a callutheran.edu email, and specify which prize you are competing for in the subject line.
  3. If you have any questions, please email englishda@callutheran.edu.

Award Winners


Mark Van Doren Poetry Prize - Imanya Supancic

Ledbetter Prize - Kayla Gibfried

Koa Prize - Julia Garcia

Plumeria Prize - Cassandra Jarin

Sigmar Schwarz Prize - Henry Studebaker