President's Diversity Council

  • Juanita Hall, Chair
    Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Michael Elgarico
    Director of Undergraduate Admission
  • Greg Freeland
    Faculty - Political Science
  • Sergio Galvez
    Director of Upward Bound Programs
  • Rahuldeep Gill
    Faculty - Religion
  • Veronica Guerrero
    Faculty - School of Management
  • Andrew Hanson
    Coordinator for Residence Life and Student Conduct
  • Daniel Tillapaugh
    Faculty- School of Education
  • Paloma Vargas
    Faculty - Biology
  • Elisabeth Turner
  • Rafaela Fiore Urizar
    Faculty- Languages and Culture
  • Joel Canacoo
    Coordinator Fitness Center
  • Dan Kuntz
    Director of Athletics
  • Belle Michaels
  • Melissa Maxwell‐Doherty
    Vice President for Mission and Identity
  • Angela Naginey
    Senior Director of Student Success
  • Dane Rowley
    Director of International Admission