Meet the Staff

Leisa Contreras

 Budget Analyst/Coordinator for Support Services
 (805) 493-3510

Janis McDonough

 Administrative Assistant - TEAMS Grant Project
 (805) 493-3016

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Silvia Neves

 EDU|CAL and CHESS Program Director
 (805) 493-3090

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Jo Petersen '21

 Administrative Assistant to the Deans
 (805) 493-3422

Mason Randall, MPPA

 Administrative Assistant - Department of Educational Leadership
 (805) 493-3838

Michele Schuerger

 Administrative Assistant - California Reading and Literature Project
 (805) 493-3705

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Christina Soria

 Credential Analyst
 (805) 493-3425

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Samantha Vasquez

 EDU|CAL Program Coordinator

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