Staff Awards

Graduate School of Education Awards
for Outstanding Achievements

The purpose of the Graduate School of Education Awards for Outstanding Achievement is to honor outstanding achievements by Graduate School of Education staff. Outstanding achievements in this context are those that clearly go beyond regular expectations of responsibilities as established through employment contracts, policies or other formal mechanisms. They include achievements that are the result of extraordinary effort or creativity, those that are outstanding with regard to their expected outcomes, or those that contribute to the standing of the Graduate School of Education within and outside the university.

2019 Award Recipients:


Crentialing Analyst Christina Soria (R), presented by Lory Selby (L), was the recipient of the first Graduate School of Education award for Staff.

More about this recipient

Christina Soria was the recipient of the GSOE Staff Service Award.  Christina's wisdom and expertise are recognized and appreciated as she guides students through the credentialing process.  Her knowledge and insights around credentialing and her ongoing caseload in processing paperwork and credential forms are critical to our students' professional experience.   Christina has been instrumental in the success of thousands of students in the GSOE.  She is deeply appreciated by the Cal Lutheran GSOE for her consistent help, engagement and involvement from recruitment to placement.