Prof. (FH) Dr. Armin  Kammel

Prof. (FH) Dr. Armin Kammel, LL.M. (London), MBA (CLU)

Adjunct Faculty Member - MBA in Austria

Prof. (FH) Dr. Armin J. Kammel is an interdisciplinary lawyer specialized in (international) banking law, securities regulation and business law. He holds degrees in both law and business administration from prestigious universities in his native Austria and abroad.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Kammel has more than ten years of experience in the financial services industry working as Head of Legal & International Affairs with the Austrian Association of Investment Fund Management Companies (VÖIG) and serving on the Board of Directors of both the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA) and the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).

Dr. Kammel is Professor (FH) of Banking Law and Securities Regulation at Lauder Business School (LBS), Vienna, Austria. Moreover, he has been Ehrenprofessor (Honorary Professor) and Faculty Member as well as Program Coordinator (LL.M./MLS in International Banking Law and Capital Markets) at Danube University Krems (DUK), Austria. In addition to this, Dr. Kammel has also been lecturer with numerous prestigious institutions in the U.S., the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine or Thailand.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Kammel is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the new Research Perspectives series on “International Banking and Securities Law” with BRILL Publishing in Boston, MA and Co-Editor of the most traditional commentary on “BWG and CRR” (Austrian Banking Act and CRR) as well as an innovative book series on “Vertragsrecht and Vertragsgestaltung” (contract law and contract design) in Austria.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Kammel’s research interests are primarily in the areas of (international) banking law, securities regulation, financial law, corporate law and business law. Moreover, the economic analysis of the law and economic theory are also included in his research activities.





MBA General Management – California Lutheran University (CLU), CA, 2013

 LL.M. (Banking and Financial Law) – University of London, UK, 2008

 Dr. iur. – University of Graz, Austria, 2004

 Mag. iur. – University of Graz, Austria, 2002 

  1. Banking Law

  2. (transatlantic) Securities Regulation

  3. Financial Law

  4. Business Law

  5. Corporate Law

  6. Economic Analysis of the Law

  7. Economic Theory



Weiss, F. / Kammel, A.J. (Ed./2015), The Changing Landscape of Global Financial Governance and the Role of Soft Law, BRILL Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

Kammel, A.J. (2011), Einführung in das Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht, Linde Verlag

Kammel, A.J. (2005), The Law of International Banking Institutions – A Comparative Analysis, Mille Tre Verlag


Articles in Scientific Journals:

Kammel, A.J., Financial Regulation as an Adjustment Screw in the Transformation of Global Capital Markets, Thammasat Review of Economic and Social Policy (TRESP), (2015), Vol. 1, Number 1, p. 38-66

Kammel, A.J., Does Financial Regulation Create Moral Hazard?, Financial Regulation International, (2014), Issue 27.10, pp. 16-20

Kammel, A.J. / Leonov, D., Comparative Analysis of the Paradigm of Regulation of Investment Funds in Ukraine and the EU (in Ukrainian), Securities Market of Ukraine (2012), No. 12, pp. 75-90

Kammel, A.J., Corporate Governance in the Financial Services Industry – Is there still a Role for Self-Regulation?, International In-house Counsel Journal (2012), Volume 6, Number 21, Autumn, pp. 1709-1718

Cicon, J.E./Ferris, St.P./ Kammel, A.J./ Noronha, G., European Corporate Governance: A Thematic Analysis of National Codes of Governance, European Financial Management, (2012), Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 620-648

Imansyah, M.H./ Kammel, A.J., Forecasting Financial Crises by Applying the “Temple Model of Financial Crises” Against the Background of the Indonesian Experience, Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), (2009), Vol. 57, No. 3, p. 277-307

Kammel, A.J., The Dilemma of Blind Spots in Capital Markets – How To Make Efficient Use Of Regulatory Loopholes?, German Law Journal (GLJ), (2009), Vol. 10, No. 5, pp. 605-619

Kammel, A.J., Could North American Monetary Integration be an Optimum?, Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien (ZKS), (2009), 29.1, pp. 9-30

Kammel, A.J., Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Costs of Financial Distress – a Short Synopsis, Insolvency Law & Practice, (2006), Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 52-56

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