Congregational Partners in Education (CPE) Award


California Lutheran University is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and values the contributions that students from all faith backgrounds bring to the University.

Cal Lutheran will match gifts from their congregation in support of a student enrolled full-time up to $2,500 per academic year. This award allows congregations of any faith to support students who have demonstrated a commitment to the life and work of their congregation. It also gives the University an opportunity to show its support for students who actively demonstrate their religious convictions.

Scholarship Amount

  • Cal Lutheran will match congregational support up to $2,500 per academic year

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrolled & charged full-time tuition at Cal Lutheran
  • Must receive the financial support of your congregation
  • Traditional Undergraduates, Bachelor's Degree for Professionals and Graduate Students are eligible
  • This matching scholarship may be renewed each year when funds are received from the Congregation
    • It is the responsibility of the student receiving this scholarship to request the support of their congregation and to ask that the funds be sent to the University according to the priority deadline stated below

Scholarship Details

  • The Congregation's scholarship is split evenly among expected enrollment terms, unless directed otherwise in writing by the Congregation.
  • The matching Cal Lutheran CPE scholarship is always applied evenly among enrolled terms unless the student is attending their final term prior to graduation.
  • In certain cases, a student’s scholarship may be altered to comply with federal, State and/or institutional award requirements.
  • This scholarship is non-transferable and is used only for tuition and mandatory fees at Cal Lutheran.  It will be credited toward the student’s account at Cal Lutheran. The scholarship is not payable in cash.
  • PLTS Students: Congregation funds and CPE match scholarship may be used to cover all educational related expenses up to the Cost of Attendance. Aid from all sources cannot exceed the annual Cost of Attendance.

Priority Deadlines

  • August 1st: Fall semester congregation funds should be sent to Cal Lutheran by this date.
  • January 1st: Spring semester congregation funds should be sent to Cal Lutheran by this date.
  • If funds are not sent by the dates above, please be in touch with the Financial Aid office.
  • Checks received after the priority deadline will continue to be processed in the order received.


  1. Have your congregation send the financial support directly to Cal Lutheran.
    • Make check payable to:
      • California Lutheran University
        Financial Aid Office
        60 W. Olsen Road, #1375
        Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
      • Add student name and Cal Lutheran ID (if available) to memo line on the check
      • Note: The check must come from the congregation to the University and should not be written directly to the student
  2. Along with the check, include a letter that contains:
    • Name of congregation
    • Clergy name & contact information
    • Student's name
    • Cal Lutheran student ID (if available)
    • Student's address (if available)

Congregational Guidelines

The governing body of each congregation is responsible for determining the procedure by which the congregation provides for and finances its portion of the scholarship.  Some congregations may decide on a case by case basis, when a request is made by the member who is attending Cal Lutheran.  Others may choose to establish a general scholarship fund, which is designed to support students who meet certain predetermined criteria or even take a special offering on behalf of this member.

Please note that IRS tax code Section 170 (a) states a charitable deduction may not be taken for a contribution from which the donor receives or expects to receive an equal financial or economic benefit, or for personal, living or family expenses.  This would prohibit a relative of a Cal Lutheran student from personally financing the scholarship by making a contribution to the congregation solely for that purpose.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Mission & Identity

If you are a convocator, please visit Convocator Information for additional information.