Help Desk

The Help Desk is the primary point-of-contact for all your technology issues/questions at Cal Lutheran. Contact the Help Desk about network, WiFi, software questions and problems, password difficulties, and general technology questions.

(805) 493-3698 

Help Desk Hours


Monday-Thursday 7am - 9pm

Friday 7am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 4pm

***We are not currently providing in-person consultations due to COVID-19. If you require help, we are happy to perform a remote session in order to troubleshoot with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

Passwords can be reset or changed at any time by going to

Note: Cal Lutheran will never ask for passwords or any other private information through email correspondence, over the phone or in person.  Do not share your password with anyone!

How do I update my security questions?

Cal Lutheran will verify your identity without requesting personally identifiable information like social security numbers or birthdates.  

Update your security profile by visiting

How do I connect to the Cal Lutheran WiFi?

When an Internet browser is launched, you will be redirected to a log-in page.  You will gain access to the WiFi network resources and Internet upon successfully logging in with your Cal Lutheran credentials.

It is prohibited to enter your username and password to devices that you do not own and under no conditions share your username and password with other as this a violation of the computer use policy.

For additional information visit our wireless network access frequently asked questions.

How do I setup my digital media player (Apple T.V, Blu-Ray, Roku etc)?

All digitial media players need to be registered on the Cal Lutheran network.  You can register your device at  

How do I setup my gaming console?

If you have a gaming system, you may register it online at  

I need assistance in using Blackboard?

Click on the video tutorials to learn how to use Blackboard.  You can also visit the CTL website to learn more about their services or consultation

I need assistance, how can I speak with a technician?

You can contact the Help Desk directly at (805) 493-3698 or e-mail at  Please be sure to let us know your name or your CLU username, a good call back number and detailed description of your issue or request.

If you email us directly, your request will automatically create a helpdesk ticket and you will be emailed a confirmation with the ticket number for your reference.


 For additional questions or to look up how-to articles visit our Knowledge Base.