• Please be courteous to your fellow patrons and maintain low noise and voice levels throughout the library.
  • No tobacco products or e-cigarettes are allowed in the library. All smoking must take place 25 feet away from the building.
  • The library atriums as well as the lobby may be used for phone calls, providing they do not disturb others.
  • While in the library, you may be asked to show proof that you are affiliated with the university by displaying your Cal Lutheran ID.
  • No children under the age of 12 are permitted in the library. Individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 must be accompanied by a Community Borrower, Local Teacher Patron, or Cal Lutheran student, staff or faculty member at all times.
  • Animals are not allowed in the library, except service animals needed to assist disabled persons as defined by the ADA.
  • In-house use of materials is permitted as space is available. Cal Lutheran students have priority use of carrels, tables, computers, and materials. Community members may be asked to move or leave if space is needed for current students.
  • Anyone causing disruptions will be asked to leave.

We at the Pearson Library understand the necessity to stay connected to friends and family. However, to ensure all Pearson Library patrons may utilize the library in an environment that promotes learning, we ask all patrons keep the following in mind:

  • No cell phone usage in the library. Please turn pagers/phones off or to silent mode while in the library. When receiving a call, immediately place the call on hold and move to a designated usage area.
  • Phone conversations are to be taken outside the library, such as the library atriums or lobby; not in a discreet location in the library.
  • Please set your device(s) to silent mode to ensure any ringtones will not disrupt your fellow patrons.
  • Use text messaging and email as you need throughout the library.

Pearson Library patrons are welcome to bring food and covered drinks to enjoy in the library. To keep the library facility, materials, and technology damage-free we ask that the following guidelines are followed:

  • Please avoid consuming messy or strong-smelling food in the library.
  • Consuming food and beverage near the computers is discouraged.
  • Please be considerate to your fellow patrons and dispose of containers, wrappers, and bottles in the trash receptacles and recycle bins placed throughout the library.
  • Please report any spills on the floor, furniture, and library materials so library staff can promptly clean the area.
  • Library patrons are responsible for their personal belongings, and should never leave their personal belongings unattended.
  • Lost items found in the library will be held at the Circulation Desk. If an owner can be identified they will be contacted via email. Items left at the library for an extended time will be sent to Campus Safety.
  • Theft and intentional damage of library materials or property are acts contrary to and punishable by law. Any non-circulating item, or any circulating item that has not been properly checked out, will cause the exit alarm to sound. Repeated security violations will be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the Public Services/Circulation Supervisor in the library at (805)493-3250.