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Academic Affairs

(805) 493-3145

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Career Services

Career Services provides individualized services and programs to students and alumni, including year-round assistance in choosing a major and career direction, graduate school advising, and assistance with securing a job or internship.

We work with over 11,000 employers, and list 200 jobs and internships online each week at

Career Services provides up-to-date information on job searching, interviewing, and salary negotiations. We also help with resumes, cover letters, and personal statements for graduate school.

(805) 493-3200


Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success assists all who want to maximize their academic achievement. We provide workshops, testing services, and individual consultations with academic counselors.

Proactive and developmental advising for all Conditionally Admitted, Probationary, and Elect-In students is provided through our Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) Program. Additionally, we facilitate and distribute Academic Difficulty Notices that monitor students' class progress.

We also operate the Accessibility Resource Program (ARP), which provides resources and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Language placement exams and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing are performed by our office, and we maintain a list of on-campus tutoring centers.

(805) 493-3260


Disability Support Services

We are committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students with documented disabilities who choose to self-identify. Students must register with the ARP program in order to request and receive disability-related accommodations.

Located within the Center for Academic and Accessibility Resources (CAAR), the DSS staff works together with the student, administrators, and faculty to assure access to classrooms as well as on-campus programs and events.

Reasonable accommodations and services are determined based on documentation and individual need.

All services and accommodations are provided in a confidential manner and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, University policies, and state requirements.

(805) 493-3878



The Registrar's Office is a key component of a student's academic life on campus. This is where students may pick up course offering catalogs, submit pre-registration and course withdrawal information, file for credit transfers, stay abreast of semester breaks and deadlines, and make sure they are meeting all graduation requirements.

(805) 493-3105


Student Support Services (SSS)

Student Support Services (SSS) works to increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible participants. Students whose parents do not have a college degree, students whose families meet specific income requirements, and students with disabilities are eligible to apply for SSS.

One of our underlying goals is to assist each individual with investing in their college experience, and we encourage participants to develop their academic and personal potential in order to complete their educational goals.

(805) 493-3535


Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime college opportunity that is accessible to students of all majors. In support of the University's mission to "educate leaders for a global society," the Study Abroad Center can help to bring an international dimension to your college experience!.

You'll gain new perspectives that will broaden your horizon, help shape your education, and help you stand-out from the crowd when it's time for the next step in your career or education.

(805) 493-3750

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Financial Aid & Billing

Financial Aid

Cal Lutheran seeks to provide students and families with the financial resources to help make college accessible and affordable. We are committed to evaluating each student and family fairly and equitable when awarding financial aid from various sources.

(805) 493-3115


Student Accounts

Student Accounts is the financial clearinghouse for all tuition and room & board payments. In addition to keeping records of all charges and payments, Student Accounts distributes student paychecks and provides personal check-cashing services up to $75.

In accordance with FERPA, the Student Accounts office is not permitted to discuss a student's account with anyone other than the student without written authorization from the student.

Learn more about FERPA

Parents can also make online tuition payments, enroll in monthly payment plans, check account activity, and view account statements when their student makes them an authorized user on CLUPay.

(805) 493-3173


Student Employment
A student's work experience at Cal Lutheran can be fun and rewarding. It can also give students an opportunity to explore career choices as well as gain critical skills to improve marketability for professional employment. Career Services takes great care in helping our students find a job on campus. Start building your skills now!

(805) 493-3291

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Campus Life

Alumni and Family Relations

With an alumni network 30,000 strong, you'll discover connections for life.

(805) 493 - 3170



(805) 493-3400

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Bookstore (Campus Store)

(805) 493-3270

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Campus Dining

(805) 493-3203

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Campus Ministry

Cal Lutheran is a safe place to ask and wrestle with questions of life, explore issues of faith and spirituality, and create a community of support and service.

The practice of faith is designed to make connections, and the Office of Campus Ministry endeavors to create a web of connections binding us to God and neighbor.

We respect all religious traditions, encourage lively exploration and study, and the Campus Pastors are available for conversation. All are welcome here!

Worship is one way we make these connections and express a living faith, and University Chapel, Sunday night worship, and Common Ground evening worship are each held weekly.

Opportunities to further growth in faith and life are available through Bible Study, 3G network small groups, service, and mission projects.

(805) 493-3228


Campus Safety

The primary goals of Campus Safety are the protection of life and property, the preservation of a safe learning environment, and the maintenance of peace and good order on the campus.

Campus Safety Officers are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency response to the needs of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the Cal Lutheran campus.

We enjoy a close working relationship with the City of Thousand Oaks Police Department, Ventura County Fire Department, and various other support agencies.

(805) 493-3208


  • Emergency Line (805) 493-3911
  • Campus Public Safety (805) 493-3208
  • CLU switchboard (805) 492-2411
Health Services

Health Services is located on campus. Physician's assistants and nurses are available by appointment. (Walk-ins are seen if time permits.) Appointments are encouraged and recommended. A family practice physician is available by referral twice a week.

Our services are available to all full-time students and all residential students. Services include treatment for illnesses and non-critical injuries, well-woman exams, laboratory testing, and immunizations.

Please note that due to patient privacy laws, we are not able to give information about whether or not your student made or came to an appointment. Also, we are unable to discuss a student's visit or health problems with anyone (including parents) without their consent. Students may sign a Release of Information Form that will allow Health Services to speak with parents regarding their health care. This form is available in our office.

(805) 493-3225


Information Technology Services
International Student Services

(805) 493-3951

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Mail Center

The Mail Center serves the University community as its post office. Most, but not all, services obtained at a regular post office can be handled by University Mail Center staff. The Mail Center also provides expedited courier services through FedEx and UPS.

Resident students are assigned mailboxes, which they keep for as long as they live on campus. The proper format for addressing their mail is:

Student's name
101 Memorial Pkwy #_____ (Assigned mailbox #)
Thousand Oaks CA 91360

Mail for students should be addressed with their name as listed on the Admission application and recorded with the Registrar's Office. Do not use nicknames, initials only, or abbreviations, as this delays mail delivery. Some companies (especially cell phone service providers) refuse to include the student's name in the delivery address if the account is not in their name, causing delivery problems. For this reason, please ensure your student has an account in their name before having packages or statements mailed by those companies.

Student mailboxes are for personal mail only. If your student operates a business, they must rent a box from the post office, or similar private service, for receipt of business-related mail. Neither the Mail Center nor University assume responsibility for any business-related mail addressed to their campus mail box.

(805) 493-3188


Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion

(805) 493-3489

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Residence Life

Living in a residence hall is a significant part of the educational experience at Cal Lutheran. A good portion of residential students' time will be spent in their hall.

During this time students have the opportunity to interact with people who come from diverse backgrounds and have different personal philosophies. Learning to value and respect differences in people is a meaningful part of a Cal Lutheran education.

(805) 493-3220


Student Conduct

(805) 493-3220

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Student Counseling Services

(805) 493-3727

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