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Throughout higher education, the 2019-20 academic year will long be remembered as the one that ushered in some of them most urgent and pressing changes of our time. Whether the changes in course delivery and academic calendars, the heightened use of technology, modifications of instructional venues, the reliance on virtual community building and others will be institutionalized or return to what they were before the pandemic is yet to be seen.

Amidst all of the changes that Cal Lutheran has designed and implemented this year, we are pleased to report that the university also has charted significant progress in areas related to our strategic goals of inclusion, innovation and investment. This report both illuminates several major accomplishments in those areas and recognizes some of the outstanding work that was accomplished in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under its current strategic plan, Cal Lutheran is committed to building and enhancing facilities while growing the endowment; developing programs that better serve current and prospective students; and reflecting California’s diversity in its students, faculty and staff.

Construction of the $34 million Swenson Science Center on the Thousand Oaks campus continued throughout the year and was nearly complete by May 2020. Crews finished the Math Center in Pearson Library and turned the Centrum Café into a Habit Burger Grill.

Throughout the academic year, Cal Lutheran remained fiscally strong. The value of its endowment, which helps ensure the university’s long-term financial health and provide an affordable education for students, increased by $8.9 million to $115.5 million.

The university undertook several new initiatives to better serve students. It began offering a film and TV major in response to demand. It also announced the addition of an ethnic and race studies major in fall 2020 to help students gain a deeper understanding of communities of color and build cultural competence in working with diverse groups. The School for Professional and Continuing Studies, which includes a new Center for Lifelong Learning and its Fifty and Better program for older adults, launched in January 2020. The state of California partnered with Cal Lutheran and seven other universities to start an AmeriCorps Fellows program that will help students pay for college through public service. Amidst issues of racial inequities throughout the country and challenges on the campus itself, the university also committed to several actions to improve the racial climate for all university members.

The last three months of the fiscal year were marked by innovation on a grand scale as the campus community responded to the pandemic. The Digital Learning staff leapt into action, helping faculty transition to virtual instruction. Faculty and staff found creative ways to engage and serve students and worked to make sure they had the hardware, software and support they needed. A cross-departmental team of staff and administrators designed a virtual community development program called Connecting@CalLutheran to nourish the spirits of university constituents who assumed their duties remotely from home offices across the county, the state, and the country.

Regents, faculty, staff, students and alumni participating in the national search for a new president to guide Cal Lutheran also responded nimbly to the pandemic. At a moment’s notice, they switched the entire latter part of the process to a virtual environment, conducting finalist interviews, panel discussions, and campus tours over Zoom.

It was during this interview process that I was introduced to many at Cal Lutheran for the first time. While I did not become president until after the 2019-2020 year concluded, I was a witness to the community’s resourcefulness and resiliency during this period. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with all of you to build on the university’s success highlighted in this report.


Lori E. Varlotta

Lori E. Varlotta

At Cal Lutheran, our dedicated and accomplished faculty works with small classes of undergraduate and graduate students who are open-minded — about ideas, about people, and about faith — and are seeking to grow as individuals while they pursue their passions and discover their purpose.

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The Year In Review
Science building

Swenson Science Center nears completion; spaces renovated

By May 2020, construction of the $34 million Swenson Science Center on the Thousand Oaks campus was nearly complete, on schedule for move in to take place over the summer. Crews also remodeled existing buildings to better serve students, turning the Centrum Café into a Habit Burger Grill and finishing construction of a glass-walled Math Center in Pearson Library that provides three times as much space as the former Math Lab. Both opened in November 2019.

student in Film & TV major

Programs added in ethnic studies, film, cybersecurity

In September 2019, Cal Lutheran announced it would add an ethnic and race studies major the following fall. The interdisciplinary program is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of communities of color in the United States and build cultural competence in working with diverse groups. At the same time, the university launched a film and TV undergraduate major in response to strong student interest and a cybersecurity track in the Master of Science in Information Technology program to fill the growing demand for professionals who can safeguard organizations’ technology systems.

living in the COVID-19 pandemic

Community rises to meet challenges of pandemic

In March 2020, as COVID-19 infections spread throughout the country and the state, public health authorities issued stay-at-home orders for California residents. In a matter of days, faculty transitioned to virtual instruction with help from the Digital Learning staff. The majority of residential students vacated campus halls and apartments, and most staff began working from home. Throughout the entire time, faculty and staff created high-tech and high-touch means of educating and serving students. Virtual classrooms and community-building activities alike were offered alongside a number of student services. A team of administrators designed the Connecting@CalLutheran webinar to nourish the spirits of constituents working and learning from home. Staff in ITS and other areas made personal contact with students to make sure they had the laptops, software, and internet access necessary for the unexpected virtual environment they had entered.

launch of new school name

School for Professional and Continuing Studies launched

In January 2020, Cal Lutheran launched the School for Professional and Continuing Studies to serve post-traditional learners pursuing bachelor’s degrees or non-degree education. The new school includes the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program, the Center for Nonprofit Leadership, and a new Center for Lifelong Learning, which introduced a Fifty and Better program for older adults in spring. Nearly 100 people took the initial noncredit, university-level classes, which were presented virtually because of the pandemic.

AmeriCorps members on a zoom call

Cal Lutheran, state partner on AmeriCorps program

The state of California announced a partnership with Cal Lutheran and seven other universities in a first-in-the-nation program to help students pay for college through public service that addresses pressing challenges in their region. Students applied in spring to become part of Cal Lutheran’s inaugural cohort of 25 AmeriCorps Fellows who will serve as mentors, tutors and advisers for low-income and immigrant youths in Ventura County. Each will receive up to $10,000 in federal and state scholarships and additional money from the university to help cover the cost of tuition and living allowances. 

Professor Damooei

University’s economic impact doubles over 10 years

In April 2020, economics professor Jamshid Damooei completed the university’s third economic impact report. It showed Cal Lutheran contributes close to $338 million toward the output of Ventura County, an increase of 138% from the figure recorded 10 years earlier, as well as $439 million toward state output and $570 million toward the national output. Within the county, Cal Lutheran’s level of job creation increased 99% and its contributions to tax revenue increased 121% from a decade ago.

CERF professors giving presentation

CERF co-authors U.S. Latino GDP Report

In September 2019, Cal Lutheran’s Center for Economic Research and Forecasting and the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine released the 2019 Latino Development Collaborative U.S. Latino GDP Report, garnering media coverage throughout the country. The report showed that the total economic output, or gross domestic product, of Latinos in the U.S. was $2.3 trillion in 2017. If the Latino GDP was an independent country, it would have been the eighth largest in the world ahead of Brazil, Italy, Canada and Russia.

Alexander Twilight Legacy of Black Excellence space

Measures taken to improve campus racial climate

Students, staff and faculty called for measures to be taken to improve the campus’ racial climate. After 18 months of efforts by the Black Student Union and Sisters’ Circle, the president and cabinet in March 2020 committed to several new initiatives including providing dedicated space for Black students in the Student Union, adding a Black Graduation Celebration and supporting the BSU’s Black Professionalism Series. 

Fulbright student in Moscow

University receives national recognition on multiple fronts

In June 2019, KCLU Radio News Director Lance Orozco earned the 2018 National Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award for Best Radio Breaking News Reporting among small-market stations. Robert Dull, chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, was the lead author of a study reported by media throughout the world in August 2019 that identified a volcanic eruption that contributed to a pronounced period of global cooling in the sixth century. In September 2019, Cal Lutheran jumped to its highest spot ever in the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, ninth among regional universities in the West. And, in April 2020, graduating senior Eleanor “Ellie” Barker became the sixth Cal Lutheran applicant to receive a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship grant in the last decade.

Former CLU President Kimball

National search conducted for new president

Chris Kimball announced in October 2019 that he would step down as president after serving in the role since 2008, and a national search for his replacement began. A 20-member committee that included regents, faculty, staff, students and alumni conducted the presidential search and more than 50 additional members of the Cal Lutheran community participated in the final round of interviews, which were conducted virtually because of the pandemic.

By the Numbers

Financial Report 2019-2020


California Lutheran University did well financially during the fiscal year ending May 31, 2020. Total institutional assets increased to $382.9 million, up from $362.3 million in the previous year. Net assets (total assets less liabilities) rose to $270.1 million, up from $254.0 million, due to operating gains and the gain on the sale of an apartment complex.

Revenues and Expenses

Due to good operating performance and the gain on the sale of an apartment complex, revenue exceeded expenses by $16.1 million. Total revenues and gains/losses are $136.5 million, up from $119.7 million in the previous fiscal year. Operating revenue increased to $125.8 million from $124.2 million in the prior year. Non-operating revenue was $10.7 million, up from negative $4.5 million in the prior year primarily due to the gain of $10.7 million on the sale of the apartment complex. In addition, contributions of $5.5 million were offset by market losses of $6.2 million in the endowment. Net tuition revenues in 2019-2020 increased to $83.7 million from $82.7 million in the previous year. (All of the revenue figures above are net calculations. They do not count tuition covered by institutional scholarships and grants: $64.8 million in 2019-2020 and $59.7 million in 2018-2019.)

Expenses increased to $120.5 million for the fiscal year, up from $119.5 million.

Balance Sheet

Total assets increased by $20.6 million, liabilities increased by $4.5 million, and net assets increased by $16.1 million. Cash decreased to $72.6 million from $76.9 million, primarily due to construction cost of the new science center.

Contributions receivable decreased to $4.0 million, from $5.7 million. During the year, the value of Cal Lutheran’s endowment increased by $8.9 million to $115.5 million, primarily due to the proceeds from the sale of the apartment complex flowing to the endowment offset by spending and market losses.

The endowment fund helps to ensure the university’s long-term financial health and stability and to provide an affordable education, including scholarships and grants, for current and future generations of students. Donors’ gifts are invested in perpetuity with a portion of the income available for university needs and the remainder reinvested to maintain future buying power.

Our property, plant and equipment increased to $152.7 million, from $135.4 million in the previous year, primarily due to the construction of the new science building offset by depreciation.

Donor Contributions

Donor contributions are a significant factor in the continued financial strengthening of Cal Lutheran. Charitable giving during the period consisted of 45,835 gifts and pledges from 11,267 donors, including alumni, parents of students and alumni, friends, churches, corporations, foundations and other organizations. A breakdown of gifts and pledges as recorded in the audited 2019-2020 fiscal report includes:

Unrestricted Gifts1         Restricted Gifts2         

$1,967,012                        $14,035,117

We are grateful to all of our 2019-2020 donors for sharing in Cal Lutheran’s mission and success. For additional information about our audited financial statements, please visit the Office of the President’s website.

1 Includes Church and Annual Giving
Includes Capital, Endowment, Scholarships, Deferred and KCLU

School of Management

William Rolland Art Center




Student Union

Thank You

None of our successes would be possible without the generous support of our alumni, family and friends around the world. With your gifts to Cal Lutheran, you drive our mission to prepare leaders for a global society. Your support means improved facilities, a world-class faculty, and most important, opportunities for our students to discover their purpose. Thank you.

Below is a list of those who generously supported Cal Lutheran during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

University Advancement has made its best effort to provide complete and accurate information for this Honor Roll listing. If you notice any inadvertent errors or omissions, please contact Advancement at (805) 493-3160 or

Thank you.

leaf Oak Tree Society (Donors to the CLU Annual Fund for three or more years consecutively)
Donor to Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

  • Mr. John Aakre and Mrs. Cynthia Michael leaf
  • Ms. Leah Aasen
  • Ms. Rhonda Aasen leaf
  • Mr. Bradley and Rev. Debra '05 Abbott
  • Mr. Richard '84 and Mrs. Kathy Abbott
  • Mrs. Menyon Abraham-Scott
  • Mr. Jason K. Abrahamson '18
  • Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carol Abramson
  • Mr. Brunton and Mrs. Rhonda '88 Abramson
  • Mr. Angel Abundez
  • Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Suzanne Acampora leaf
  • Ms. Francine Aclan
  • Ms. Kristen Acosta
  • Ms. Susan Adamich
  • Ms. Margaretta Adamo leaf
  • Mrs. Kristina R. Adams '91 leaf
  • Ms. Stacey R. Adams '02 leaf
  • Ms. Mary Adams-Wiley
  • Advent Lutheran Church (Citrus Heights, CA)
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
  • African Descent Lutheran Association - Los Angeles Chapter
  • Mr. Roberto and Rev. Corazon Aguilar
  • Mr. Jesus Aguilar
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Rita Aguilar
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Tracy '92 Aguilar
  • Mr. Jacob W. Aguilera '20
  • Mr. Joshua Aguilera
  • Mr. Edgar Aguirre '99 and Mrs. Siana-Lea V. Gildard '96
  • Ms. Karla Aguirre
  • Ms. Teresa Agustin '19
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ahlquist leaf
  • Dr. Richard and Mrs. Suzanne Ahlstrand
  • Mr. William Ahmanson leaf
  • Mr. Brian and Mrs. Janice Akahiji
  • Mrs. Penny L. Akashi '75 leaf
  • Dr. Alireza and Mrs. Terri Akbari leaf
  • Mr. Alexander Akpodiete
  • Mr. Jerry K. Akune and Mrs. Jane E. Akune '82
  • Ms. Jeri M. Alacano '83 leaf
  • Ms. Esmeralda Aladuena Salcido
  • Mr. Peter '83 and Mrs. Tina Alamar leaf
  • Ms. Maria Alamin leaf
  • Mr. Brandon Alana
  • Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Catherine Alana
  • Alaska Synod - ELCA
  • Mr. Haider Alawami
  • Rev. Ardon and Mrs. Edith Albrecht
  • Mr. Gustavo A. Aldana '01 and Mrs. Kristin C. Aldana-Taday leaf
  • Mr. Jose and Mrs. Guadalupe Aldana leaf
  • Mr. Jorge J. Alegrias and Mrs. Zoila E. Asencio
  • Mr. James L. Stanton and Mrs. Cathy D. Alexander '00
  • Mr. Maitland Alexander
  • Ms. Pamela C. Alexander '80 leaf
  • Ms. Rachel L. Alexander '18
  • Sonja Alexander
  • Mr. Angelo and Dr. Kathleen Alfano
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Novato, CA)
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Mrs. Armik Allen
  • Mr. Christian T. Allen '19 leaf
  • Mr. Todd and Mrs. Christy Allen
  • Mr. Kent and Mrs. Karen Allen
  • Mr. Dana and Mrs. Laurie Allen
  • Marineh Allen
  • Mr. Christian and Mrs. Mary Allen leaf
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia '74 Allen leaf
  • Mrs. Traci S. Allen '99
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia Alley
  • Alliance for the Arts
  • Ms. Lisa A. Allison '87
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Almquist leaf
  • Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Stacy Alperson
  • Alta Data Technologies, LLC
  • Dr. Gagik and Mrs. Afsaneh Alvandian
  • Ms. Nicolette Alvandian
  • Mr. Henry and Mrs. Elaine Alvarado
  • Mr. Luie and Mrs. Sally Alvarez
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Annie Alwin leaf
  • Mr. William and Mrs. Jean Amador
  • Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Kirsten Amantia leaf
  • Ms. Natalie Amantia leaf
  • Amateur Baseball Development Group, Inc.
  • AmaWaterways, LLC
  • AmazonSmile Foundation leaf
  • American Guild of Organists - Ventura County Chapter
  • American Lutheran Church (Burbank, CA)
  • American Lutheran Church (Sun City, AZ)
  • American Red Cross
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Krystle '04 Amezcua leaf
  • Amgen Foundation
  • Amgen, Inc.
  • Mr. Tony and Rev. Sharon '91 Amundson
  • Ms. Jessica A. Amzoll '07 leaf
  • Ms. Constance D. Anais '91
  • Dr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Andeen leaf
  • Rev. Carl '68 and Mrs. Penny Andersen leaf
  • Mrs. Donna J. Andersen '68 leaf
  • Mr. Jorden P. Andersen '19
  • Ms. Karen Andersen
  • Ms. Ruth Andersen leaf
  • Ms. Agneta Anderson
  • Bishop Emer. J. Roger, H'87, and Mrs. Beverly Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Denise Anderson
  • Mrs. Diane Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Douglas '76 and Mrs. Carol '79 Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Ryan D. Elter and Dr. Aarika D. Anderson Elter '05
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Gaylene Anderson
  • Mr. Gerald '65 and Mrs. Barbara Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Gregg Anderson
  • Mr. Jack '67 and Mrs. Judith '68 Anderson
  • Mrs. Jeanine Anderson
  • Jerry Anderson
  • Ms. Jessica Anderson
  • Ms. Karlie Anderson
  • Dr. Katherine Anderson
  • Mr. Leslie and Mrs. D'Ann Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Marjorie Anderson leaf
  • Mrs. Marsha P. Anderson leaf
  • Ms. Meribeth Anderson leaf
  • Rev. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Anderson
  • Rev. Drs. Herbert and Phyllis Anderson leaf
  • Rev. Matthew '04 and Mrs. Rebecca '04 Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Walda Anderson leaf
  • Ms. Ruthe E. Anderson
  • Rev. Susan E. Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Beth Anderson
  • Ms. Annelise Andrade
  • Christina Andrade
  • Ms. Edlin G. Andrade '13
  • Nick Andrade
  • Ms. Valeria Andrade '17
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Patricia '95 Andre leaf
  • Mr. Lloyd '66 and Mrs. Laura Andreas leaf
  • Mr. Paul Andrews
  • Mr. Derek F. Andrzejewski '14 leaf
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Marjorie Andrzejewski leaf
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Eileen Angel leaf
  • Mrs. Jennifer Anguiano
  • Anheuser Busch Foundation
  • Mr. Philip '93 and Mrs. Connie Ankrom
  • Anonymous (175) leaf
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Anthold leaf
  • Ms. Mary Anthony
  • Ms. Maria T. Antone '20
  • Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler leaf
  • Ms. Michelle Apodaca
  • Mr. George S. Ball and Dr. Dale M. Appelbaum
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Marilyn Appleby
  • Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Ms. Amanda Aragon '20
  • Mr. Michael '09 and Mrs. Candice '09 Aragon leaf
  • Mr. Emanuel Aragon
  • Mr. Mike and Mrs. Marcia Aragon leaf
  • Ms. Alyna Arana
  • Ms. Jennifer Ardy '11
  • Ms. Angelica Arias '20
  • Mr. Jose M. Figueroa and Mrs. Carmen Arias
  • Rev. Kaila J. Armbruster '09 and Mr. Carl Armbruster
  • Mr. Donald '99 and Mrs. Liz Armstrong
  • Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Judith Armstrong
  • Mr. Mitchell J. Armstrong '15
  • Mr. Robert '93 and Mrs. Phoebe Armstrong leaf
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sally '10 Armstrong
  • Mr. Brian and Mrs. Maria '18 Arndt
  • Mr. Michael J. Arndt leaf
  • Mrs. Dorothy Arnold
  • Mr. Joel '97 and Mrs. Kerri Arnold leaf
  • Ms. Mary Arnold
  • Ms. Kelly Aroche
  • Mr. Eric Arredondo
  • Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Maria Arreola
  • Mr. Michael Arriaga '20
  • Mr. Raymundo and Dr. Trudy Arriaga leaf
  • Mr. Todd '91 and Mrs. Laura Arrowsmith
  • Mr. Dennis Arteaga '15 leaf
  • Ms. Julie Artoux
  • Mr. Oscar and Mrs. Lauren Arzu
  • Ascension St. Matthews Church (Price, UT)
  • Ms. Cheryl L. Aschenbach '93 leaf
  • Mr. Joey P. Aschoff '86 and Mrs. Joan I. Malcolm-Aschoff leaf
  • Meghan Ashburn
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Cynthia Asher leaf
  • Ms. Kathy Asher
  • Mr. Larry and Mrs. Karen '91 Ashim
  • Mr. Eugene '68 and Mrs. Judith '64 Ashmore leaf
  • Ms. Audrey M. Askegard '17
  • Mr. Douglas Askegard and Mrs. Nathalie M. Gosset
  • Ms. Amanda L. Asquith '15
  • Dr. Juan C. Astorga
  • Mrs. June W. Atherton
  • Ms. Michelle Atkinson
  • Mr. Ross and Mrs. Patricia '92 Atkinson
  • Mr. Basil E. Augustine '89
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Karen Aulwurm
  • Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Karen Austad
  • Mr. David Austin
  • Autism Society Ventura County
  • Ms. Carmen Ayala '20
  • Mr. Emonena and Mrs. Remi Ayetuoma
  • Mr. Devon '94 and Mrs. Petra Ayres
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Connie '83 Azevedo leaf
  • Mrs. Jacqueline A. Bach '15
  • Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kathleen Back
  • Mr. Ishanjit Singh Badwal '17
  • Mr. Grant E. Bagne '18 leaf
  • Mr. Matt and Mrs. Carianne Bagne leaf
  • Ms. Paige Bagne leaf
  • Mrs. Audrey L. Bahr leaf
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Madelyn Bailey leaf
  • Ms. Kristin A. Bailey '15
  • Mr. Ray and Mrs. Martha Bailey leaf
  • Ms. Gail L. Baird '68 leaf
  • Mr. James '71 and Mrs. Janet '80 Baird leaf
  • Ms. Catherine Bajo
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Olga Bajo leaf
  • Capt. Tristan and Mrs. Casey '12 Baker leaf
  • Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Dore Baker
  • Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Sarah Baker leaf
  • Ms. Maribel Baker leaf
  • Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kari '91 Bakken
  • Ms. Brianna Baldwin
  • Mr. Christopher R. Baldwin '17
  • Mr. Howard and Mrs. Deborah Balentine
  • Mr. Richard Balentine leaf
  • Mrs. Barbara Balerud
  • Mr. Erik and Mrs. Kathleen Balladares
  • Ms. Deborah A. Ballard '92
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  • Rev. Faith N. Ballenger and Mr. Roger E. Katz
  • Rev. Dr. Anita J. Baly
  • Michael Bambrick
  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Mr. Winthrop '09 and Mrs. Melissa Banning leaf
  • Rev. Keith G. Banwart, Jr.
  • Mr. Layth Barakat
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