August 25-27, 2023

About Orientation

Welcoming You to Cal Lutheran

Welcome! We are excited to have you experience New Student Orientation. Orientation is an introduction to the Cal Lutheran community and the college experience. At Orientation, you will become a part of the Cal Lutheran community, build new relationships, get involved, learn how to navigate the campus, and prepare yourself for the next step in your educational journey. Below are some of the goals we hope to help you accomplish at New Student Orientation:

  1. Immerse yourself into the Cal Lutheran community.

    Here at Cal Lutheran we find it important that both students and families feel welcomed into the community. Orientation allows you to get a feel for what kind of institution Cal Lutheran is. We are an institution where all are welcome. 

  2. Build relationships with others.

    Orientation is the time to make new connections! Students get the opportunity to build relationships with their peers, professors, and staff.  Making these early connections will lead to a successful journey here at Cal Lutheran.

  3. Get involved outside the classroom.

    There are countless ways to get involved. Orientation exposes students to the variety of opportunities waiting for them here. Start a club, play an Intramural sport, go on a service trip, learn about a different culture, or become a Peer Advisor! The choice is yours!

  4. Learn how to navigate the campus.

    Orientation assists students in learning how to navigate the campus. Students will be confident that on the first day of classes they know where classrooms, buildings, and offices are located. Students should bring their class schedule to Orientation to ask their Peer Advisor where their classes will be held. We are happy to help point you in the right direction!

  5. Prepare for the academic challenges ahead.

    You are attending Cal Lutheran to get your degree. Orientation prepares students for the academic year ahead by serving as a preview of what is to come. Students will be invited to meet their Faculty Advisor, attend their first Freshman Seminar class, and begin to ponder how their courses will help them reach their career goals.