New Student Orientation

For Traditional Undergraduates

About Orientation

5 Reasons for 4 Days

New Student Orientation at Cal Lutheran is unique. Unlike other institutions, our orientation spans 4 days and is filled with entertaining, informative, and enlightening events. Here are 5 reasons for Cal Lutheran's 4-day orientation.

For more information, take a look at the Student Learning Outcomes for New Student Orientation.

  1. Become fully immersed in the Cal Lutheran community

    Here at Cal Lutheran, we find it important that both students and families feel welcomed into the community. Our 4-day orientation allows you to get a feel for what kind of institution Cal Lutheran is. This is a chance for you to understand how Cal Lutheran does things and the reasons why we do so. Playfair is a great event happening on August 27 for new students to come together as part of the Cal Lutheran community!

  2. Establish relationships with peers, faculty, and staff

    Orientation is the time to make new connections. Students get the opportunity to make new friendships amongst their peers, begin to form relationships with professors, and get to know the staff in the various offices and departments on campus. Families will also have the chance to connect with one another, as well as talk with our faculty and staff. Making these connections early on can lead to a successful journey here at Cal Lutheran.

  3. Experience unique opportunities to get involved

    There are countless ways to get involved on campus. Orientation allows students 4 days to explore their interests and preview all the different ways there are to get involved.

  4. Learn how to navigate the campus

    A 4-day orientation allows new students to navigate the campus like seasoned students. New students will be prepared for the first day of classes and know where classrooms, buildings, and offices are with confidence. Students are encouraged to bring their schedules so they can learn where their classrooms are located.

  5. Prepare for the academic aspects of the year ahead

    Everything comes down to this. Our 4-day orientation prepares students and families for the academic year. There are numerous events and sessions that help make students confident and reassures families that Cal Lutheran was the right choice. Students can look forward to Freshmen Seminar on Monday, August 27 to start the academic year with their peer group. Families will also have the opportunity to connect with faculty on Saturday, August 25 and gain greater insight into the academics of Cal Lutheran.