Helpful Tips

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The most helpful tips for a successful transition to life at Cal Lutheran come directly from current students:

Living on Campus

"Put yourself out there, try something new that you've never done before, and never doubt your abilities on campus!" -Andres Elvira ‘18

 "The best thing about living on campus is being able to wake up five minutes before class, and still being able to make it there on time." -Marina Khalili ‘17

"Leave your door open while you are in your room for the first couple of weeks. You will meet so many friends just by saying "Hi!" to people passing by." -Chelsea Gutowski ‘14.

Commuting to Campus

"As a commuter, you have to take the initiative to build your own friendships, so find something to get involved in that gets you excited to come to campus. It is important to find your niche regardless of how far you live." - Angela Cuzic ‘18

"You should get to campus early to get a good parking spot! -Maxine Nelson ‘14

Getting Involved

"My biggest regret was waiting until junior year to get involved in everything at CLU because there is so much to do and it's all so much fun! Take the risk and explore all opportunities to get involved around campus!" - Amber Trujillo ‘16

"Do your best to get involved as quickly as possible. Join clubs, get an on campus job, live on campus, or any other way you can get involved. At orientation, I made friends that are also transfer students because we were all going through the same thing. The best friends I have here have shared that same bond."- Kim Bebo, transferred in Spring 2016. 

"The easiest way to get involved and meet others was through orientation. I went to every event I could and met so many great people. There's so many opportunities to get involved, but you just have to be open and want to get involved." - Frankie Manes, transferred in Spring 2015.

Life as an International Student

"Talk to everyone and anyone with no fear because everyone is in the same boat, and they will be very friendly and fun to meet" -Michelle Handal ‘19

"It was not as hard as I thought...I thought it would be really hard to make friends but there are so many nice and kind people [at CLU]. Professors really care about students and take care of international students sincerely." -Joonggun (Andy) Ahn ‘14