August 26-28, 2022

Meet Your Mentors

At New Student Orientation you will officially check into Cal Lutheran. You will be ushered by your Peer Advisors through activities geared to introduce you to the CLU community.

You will meet your classmates, figure out where your classes are, find out what the surrounding community has to offer, move into your residence hall (if you are living on campus) and much more! You will also meet your Mentor Team which is made up of two to four people.

  • Peer Advisor - An upperclassmen student leader who is responsible for guiding you through the first weekend and co-teaching your Freshman Seminar course during the Fall Semester. NOTE: Some groups have two Peer Advisors.
  • Faculty Advisor- A member of the CLU faculty who teaches your Freshman Seminar class with your Peer Advisor(s).

Peer Advisors


Bianca Akbiyik '22
Major: Theater and Communications
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA


Francine Aclan '23
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Los Angeles , CA



Chanel Lapointe Allard '22
Major: Communications
Hometown: Encino, CA



David Bryant '22
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice
Hometown: Trabuco, CA


Krista Chang '22
Major: Biology & Philosophy          Hometown: San Diego, CA

Grace Cornejo

Grace Cornejo '22
Major: Biochemistry                    Hometown: Bakersfield, CA



Melissa Dennin '22
Major: Interdisciplinary Educational Studies                                                Hometown: Irvine, CA


Kyrie Fairbairn

Kyrie Fairbairn '23            
Major: Political Science                      Hometown: Ferndale, WA

 Millenia Gamez

Millennia Gamez '24         
Major: Political Science & Psychology                                          Hometown: Simi Valley, CA


Austin Gregory '22
Major: Communications                    Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

 Kyler Harlow

Kyler Harlow '23
Major: Computer Science                  Hometown: Joshua Tree, CA


Anais Henson

Anna Henson '23
Major: History Pedagogy
Hometown: Moorpark, CA

 Emma Janzen

Emma Janzen '23         
Major: English                                      Hometown: Peoria, AZ

 Morgen Lakpour

Morgen Lakpour '22
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

Yanley Lara 

Yanely Lara '24
Major: Psychology & Sociology   Hometown: Fillmore, CA

Jonathan Leon

Jonathan Leon '23
Major: Sociology & Spanish Hometown: Camarillo, CA


 Derek Levy

Derek Levy '22
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Denver CO

 Jason Levy

Jason Levy '22                  
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Denver, CO


Amanda Lewin

Amanda Lewin '22                              Major: Exercise Science  Hometown:  Thousand Oaks, CA

 Victoria Marquez

Victoria Marquez '23
Major: Exercise Science                  Hometown: Tarzana, CA

Riley Mitchell

Riley Mitchell '22                
Major: Accounting                              Hometown: Vista, CA


Jazren Mojica

Jazren Mojica '22
Major: Interdisciplinary Educational Studies
Hometown: Lancaster, CA


Cari Monraz

Cari Monraz '23
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Windsor, CA

Marc Brian

Marc Brian Munda '23
Major: Sociology       
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Coryn Nodal

Coryn Nodal '22
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Santa Maria, CA


Lothario Parris

Lothario Parris '23
Major: Music Production
Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Maritza Ramos

Maritza Ramos '24
Major: International Business 
Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

Elizabeth Riker

Elizabeth Riker '22
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA


Elizabeth Salvia

Elizabeth Salvia '23
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Paso Robles, CA

Jordan Sanchez

Jordan Sanchez '23
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI

Lavleen Sandhu

Lavleen Sandhu '23
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Madera, CA



Navdeep Tiwana '22
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Jerry Tovar

Jerry Tovar '23
Major: Psychology & Environmental Science & Political Science
Hometown: Piru, CA

Serena Zuniga

Serena Zuniga '22
Major: Communications
Hometown: Ventura, CA