August 23-24, 2024

Meet Your Mentors

At New Student Orientation you will officially check into Cal Lutheran. You will be ushered by your Peer Advisors through activities geared to introduce you to the CLU community.

You will meet your classmates, figure out where your classes are, find out what the surrounding community has to offer, move into your residence hall (if you are living on campus) and much more! You will also meet your Mentor Team which is made up of two to four people.

  •  Peer Advisor Lead - An upperclassmen student leader that help facilitate orientation and oversee all Peer Advisors and assist them throughout the PA Program. 
  • Peer Advisor - An upperclassmen student leader who is responsible for guiding you through the first weekend and co-teaching your Freshman Seminar course during the Fall Semester. NOTE: Some groups have two Peer Advisors.
  • Faculty Advisor- A member of the CLU faculty who teaches your Freshman Seminar class with your Peer Advisor(s).

Peer Advisor Leads

Nely Lara 23 

Yanely Lara '23
Major: Psychology                      Hometown: Fillmore, CA

Rylli Matter 23

Rylli Matter '25
Major: Criminology                                                                                             Hometown: Portland, OR                                

First Year Peer Advisors

Niora Abraham 23

Niora Abraham '26
Major: Sports Medicine    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

 Rebekah Aflukie 23

Rebekah Afulike '26
Major: Business Admin
Hometown: Nigeria-Abia St.


 Hilda 23

Hilda Arellano '26
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Chicago, IL



Marie Bell '25
Major: Biology                                  Hometown:  Ventura, CA 


Samara Benjamin '26
Major: Multimedia                Hometown: Bakersfield, CA


Ashlyn Bryson-Beane '26
Major: Psychology              Hometown: Seattle, WA 


Jacquelyn Cambaliza '26              Major: Psychology                            Hometown: Palmdale, CA



Sarah Deanda '25         
Major: Sociology                              Hometown: Claremont, CA


Nelly Diaz '26
Major: Psychology & Liberal Studies  Hometown: Simi Valley, CA                                                                                                                             


Elizabeth Doan '26
Major: Computer Science Hometown: Selah, WA


Kira Erikson '25         
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice                                                Hometown: PorterRanch, CA



Sammy Fahn '25
Major: Communications                  Hometown: Los Angeles, CA



Millennia Gamez '24
Major: Psychology & Political Science                                              Hometown: Simi Valley, CA


Maya Goehner '25                              Major: Psychology & Political Science                                              Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA


Jonathan Gomez '25                        Major: Multimedia                            Hometown: Los Angeles,CA


Alexis Gregory '25                            Major: Sports Psychology              Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA



Arianna Henriquez  '26
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice                                                Hometown: Redlands, CA



Mindy Le '25
Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Valencia, CA


Olivia Madera '25
Major: Communications                  Hometown: Hollister, CA



Lillyanna Mata '26
Major: Accounting                            Hometown: Freemont, CA  


Taytum Miller '26
Major: English                                    Hometown: Camarillo, CA



Karina Murguia '25
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice                                                Hometown: Palmdale, CA



Rudy Perez '24
Major: Music & Music Production Hometown: Reseda, CA


Jennifer Quintero '26
Major: Sociology & Ethnic & Race Studies                                                Hometown: ThousandOaks, CA


Emily Salazar '26
Major: Biology                                  Hometown: Oxnard, CA


Grace S

Grace Schifrin '24
Major: Psychology                            Hometown: Chatsworth, CA


Calley Stein

Nairi Semerdijan '25
Major: Philosophy & Music Composition                                      Hometown: Palmdale, CA


Larsson Shockey '26
Major: English                                    Hometown: Decorah, IA

Calley Stein

Allison Stehle '26
Major: Film & Television Production  Hometown: Northridge, CA                                    


Calley Stein

Calley Stein '25
Major: Psychology & Liberal Studies in Education                        Hometown: San Diego, CA

Calley Stein

Laylanie Valenzuela '26
Major: Marketing Communications Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA                           

Calley Stein

Christine Vardapetyan '26
Major: Sociology                              Hometown: Winnetka, CA




Transfer Peer Advisors


Jaden Ruiz '26
Major: Communications                  Hometown: Northridge, CA



Alexandria Reynoso '25
Major: English & Technical Theatre  Hometown: Claremont, CA    


Mia Garcia '25
Major: Biology                                  Hometown: Sylmar, CA